10 Best Places To Visit in Rome in 2021

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Rome one of the cities that bound to impress you. This is the kinda city for the visit and does not really realize how much there is to see and do in Rome before toy arrives. There are many such places to visit in Rome that you like very much. 

There are many such things around the city that we can talk about like delicious food and some places. You can go to any whether in Rome because it has its own fun. You will visit a lot of things in Rome and you will also explore a lot because this city is very wonderful and there are many places to visit.

That’s why I’ve shared some of the top places to visit in Rome on your next trip. So, why wait? Plan your trip and book delta airlines reservations or flight tickets online. Also, get a chance to save up to 45% off on flight and hotel booking. Now, there are a lot of sites to the beaten path of top places to visit in Rome should be there. 

Vatican City

Officially, Vatican City is not a part of Rome, but a very separate country that lies within Rome itself. Now, the Vatican is undoubtedly one of those top places to visit in Rome even if you are not a Catholic.

Built-in 1506, St. Peter’s Basilica is considered one of the holiest places of worship for Catholics worldwide and you can even get an audience with the Pope if you visit on a Sunday. 

The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is the largest baroque-style fountain in the world and one of the top places to visit in Rome while on your trip. 

Now, the fountain itself is super popular and you are likely to be surrounded by hundreds of other visitors when you arrive. That being said, if you want to avoid the majority of the crowds, head here first thing in the morning. 

San Luigi dei Francesi

If you want to see the most famous works of three famous baroque master Caravaggio, you definitely need to visit San Luigi dei Francesi. All about the life of St. Matthew (Calling of St. Matthew, Inspiration of St. Matthew and Martyrdom of St. Matthew), this is one of the top places to visit in Rome if you want to explore the divine history of the city. 

Even if you’re not a super fan of Caravaggio, these are still great places to see not only in Rome but all over Italy, so something to see and marvel at Caravaggio’s masterpieces Take out time. 

Palazzo Altemps

If you’re really into your historical Roman culture and art, then honestly, Rome is perfect for you. Famous and iconic pieces of art are hidden all over the city. If you are looking for an afternoon spent gazing at the said sculptures, then Palazzo Altemps is without a doubt one of the top places to visit in Rome.

 Filled with works that have been restored and/or preserved, it began as a series of private collections by Roman settlers and is now open to the public for decorating. This is a great place to visit in winter or if the weather gets too hot.

Museum and Crypt of the Capuchins

A gruesome visit I know, Capuchin’s crypt is the final resting place of former monks, whose bones are arranged around the crypt. 

It may not sound like one of the top places to visit in Rome, but it tells a story of Rome’s history that no other place does.

Vatican Museum

Now, don’t assume the museum is like a ‘filler bit’ before seeing the Sistine Chapel, in fact it isn’t. There are so many grand halls, rooms and art which is incredible to see. 

One thing to note, the Vatican Museums (and the Sistine Chapel) tend to be incredibly busy! So much so that it is almost difficult to walk at some points. That being said, there are ways to avoid crowds and queues. 

Roman Forum and Palatine

The Roman Forum is where the former emperors lived in ancient times and here you will find the majestic ruins of their palaces.

Built on a hill, you will also have amazing views of the rest of the city below. In my opinion, it is best to go here after visiting the Coliseum as it is close by.

Capitoline Museums

The Capitoline Museum houses a vast array of artwork collected by former popes and other important people in the area. Once inside, you can also see a painting of the former popes. 

The museums first opened back in 1734 and these days it is one of the top places to visit in Rome to see an amazing collection of sculptures and monumental art along with paintings by Caravaggio.

Baths of Caracalla

Originally built in AD 217, this sprawling bath complex is definitely a sight you don’t want to miss (those Romans certainly love a good bathhouse). Oh, you can even visit the tunnels under the shower that heat the running water to the shower.

In the summer months, the bathhouses also host a number of outdoor events, so perhaps a good way to visit is to attend one of the true summer events. 

Borghese Gallery

Often referred to as one of the best collections of art in the entire world, the Borghese Gallery has all the classics you would expect in Rome. It also houses one of the best art collections and top places to visit in Rome, which includes works by Caravaggio. 

Like many important landmarks in the city, it’s best to plan well in advance to avoid disappointment. Now, your trip will probably take around 2 hours and is a perfect destination if you want to miss the afternoon heat of Rome. 

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