10 Effective Steps to Create a Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Social Media Marketing: Introduction

In our daily life cycle daily routine we come across a lot of things, we are addicted to a lot of things which has become a daily part of our life. Like a person getting up in the morning, the first thing he or she checks is the phone and then starts the day. we come across various things in our life, in terms of fashion, daily news,& technology. However, technology is evolved a lot in history & the past few years.

As the world is expanding immensely everything is becoming online or digital. From shopping to ordering food online & checking out hospitality services. But as per the sources as you can see, even today print plays a vital role and remains the most popular source of information where millions of people prefer to read it.

Social media has established optimistic consequences in society. Social Media creates awareness amongst society & it delivers each & every detail added to it.

However, we find people who are catered to diverse interests, ranging from people using different social media platforms, to buying clothing online through social media pages, to posting some content to interact and many more.


Over the last few years, social media has completely changed the Internet perhaps it changed the whole world and also the world of marketing. Recent studies showed that most adults use social media. Social Media use has tripled among internet users 65 and older. Well, some people prefer Facebook others are more likely to use Twitter or LinkedIn regardless of which social media site a person uses social networking continues to grow.

What does that mean for you as an attorney? Unfortunately, if you don’t have a presence on these sites you won’t be able to gain the upper hand over your competitors instead of being left behind get involved by being part of a social media networking you can establish yourself as an authority in your field build your brand & increase your online exposure. The more social networking sites you are part of the better chance a prospective client will find you and be impressed.


Social marketing allows you to market yourself.

Not only does it allow you to connect with online users but it will help you build your search engine optimisation for each social media site allows you to link back to your law firm site which increases your search engine rankings. We encourage you to get involved in social networking and you’ll see firsthand the benefits of this powerful marketing.


According to the research, there are 1 billion active users on Facebook, one billion on Instagram & 365 million on Twitter worldwide.  Since the active number of users being online most businesses target audiences through social media. With a lot of users checking their socials after every min with the curiosity to check out various things, checking out social media through travelling, relaxing, working, etc.

Since social media is a very important element for each & everyone nowadays. Social media is no more only for communicating with your loved ones or posting your memories or pictures, as you can see the power of social media the business runs on social media as well.


Since most of us didn’t even think of how social media would help us in business, marketing and sales, but here it is.

As the times are changing day by day social media platforms have become a powerful source where buyers, consumers, sellers and business portals have been rolling out.

For instance- Facebook has options where you can sell your assets and products online, consumers can also view them. The entrepreneurs can also produce ideas for the target audience by various means of communication & graphics.


Here are 10 effective steps to create a Social Media Marketing strategy


Step 1. Key Objectives


Whenever you make your plan out you need to have certain objectives to follow and stick to those objectives. You need to make sure that they are planned accordingly and get us some outcome out of it. Figure out what you need to achieve and set a target.


Step 2. Target Audience


Research on your audience where would you find your perfect audience to target your products or brand. Research it through your location, their interests what does their interest lies into or what pages they like. Behaviour towards this product how do they respond to it.


Step3. Key Message


After your two steps try to build your key message for the brand or services that you are building. Explain who we are what is our purpose and what we can do for your business and so on.


Step 4. Key Platforms


Define what key social platforms you’ll be using to promote your brand or service which platform you’ll be focusing on more on is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In etc. Research where your audience is based and then we can target those platforms.


Step 5. Activities


Well, you would create activities & tactics to achieve the plan based on your objectives & goals.

Will you immerse in social listening? Would influencer marketing benefit you achieve your audience? Probably blogging could enable drive business to your website. There’s a lot to get amused approximately here, but bring about certain you invariably retain your purposes, audience, and keywords in mind.

Step 6. List out


Next plan you need to list out your marketing activities to interact with the audience. Schedule them accordingly. Run out your campaigns and your activities.


Step 7. Content Creation


Determine the right content marketing type- determine the pros & cons of each kind of those different types and align that with your strengths, your interest and most importantly, with your ideal clients. And once you decide then you are good to go with the content marketing type.

Now as you can see the world is changing and developing on a day to day basis and so are the trends so for example if your target audience is youngsters or generation Z, check out what trend they are following what content are they posting out, check out what’s happening on different social media applications like Instagram Reels, Youtube, MojApp checkout what content are they up to or what trends. And that’d how you can involve your brand and leverage your business.


Step 8.  Spread the news


This is where you accomplish your procedure by pursuing your marketing agenda, broadcasting content, launching ads, and accomplishing planned activities. You might look into social scheduling tools to help with the rollout procedure, such as Hostile, TweetDeck, Asian News and Later.


Step.9 Monitoring


Media monitoring plays a crucial role when your business is out in the market. It is about understanding what are your competitors up to, who’s saying what about your brand and that’s important for your business to grow.


Step. 10 Review & Analysis


Put together a clear review of your activity at numerous phases throughout the year and across all social tunnels. Evaluate your results–look at your social awareness, your website analytics and exchanges data for 360 estimations. Make convinced you plan survey intervals after every problem during the year and peek carefully at publicity outcomes.