10 Genius Tips to Crack Government Job Exams


UPSC, SSC CGL, RBI, SBI PO, IBPS PO, LIC AAO, RRB NTPC, etc., are some of the top competitive Government job exams for this year. Lakhs and thousands of government job aspirants are ready to crack these government jobs. Take the exam and get placed in some of the most prestigious posts. If you are also one of those candidates who are aiming to crack the government exams, then here are some tips that will help you crack the written test. So, without wasting any more time, let us read 10 genius tips to crack government job exams.

1. Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The pattern and syllabus of competitive exams for government jobs can change any year. It is mandatory for any government job aspirant to know the syllabus and pattern from inside before starting the preparation. 

2. Get study material from various sources

Getting the right study material is the key to crack competitive exams and get a government job in India. Do not depend on any one source for study material. Approach seniors, other government job aspirants, friends from coaching institutes etc. to collect material for study. Apart from this, there are many online sites, forums and mobile applications that can provide you with a lot of material to dig into and prepare for the exam.

3. Plan Time Management for Preparation

Once you have all the study material, the next step is to make a timetable for the preparation. This timetable should have a breakup of each hour of the day and what exactly is planned for. A good advice for government exams is to prepare for difficult topics first while saving enough time for easier topics. Note that at least 3-4 days prior to the exam should be given time for tests and revision.

4. Conceptual clearance is the key

While preparing for government exams, conceptual clearance is the key to success. If you are clear with the concept, then you can answer any question related to that topic. However, if you just memorize questions, you will be stuck in any question that has even a slight change in concept. Make sure the basic concepts, formulas and other things are clear.

5. Get Library Membership and Study

No matter how quiet your home or study room is, the kind of study you can do in a library can never happen at home. So, take as many library memberships as possible to spend most of your day studying there. Not only can you get a quiet place to study without any disturbance, but the library will also give you access to thousands of books to study and prepare.

6. Make Notes of Everything You Read

Making notes of whatever you read and study is imperative to strengthen your chances of cracking the government jobs exams. Making short notes will not only help you remember everything but will also help a lot during revision.

7. Keep track of the happenings in the world

In simple words, read newspapers daily, follow news channels and know everything that is happening in your country as well as in the world. A major part of competitive exams is based on general knowledge and general awareness. By following the daily headlines, you can be sure of scoring in these subjects.

8. Take mock tests and solve previous year papers

There are many online platforms where one can enroll or register to get a free mock test. You can solve these mock tests to know your weak points and what type of questions are asked regularly. These tests will not only help you get a better knowledge of your preparation but will also help you manage your time well.

9. Make a systematic strategy for the exam

Once you have gone through the syllabus and given a few mock tests, it is imperative to have a systematic strategy to solve different sections of the exam. Make a strategy on which section to cover first and what type of questions to answer. This will help you to manage your time well during the exam. Also, apply this strategy in mock tests and keep working on the strategy till you feel confident to ace the paper.

10. Stay Motivated and Focused

Last but not the least, confidence, staying focused and patience are the keys to crack any government exam. Keep your target in mind and wake up every day with the aim of covering as many topics as possible as per the plan. Remember, stressing will not help. Stay motivated and work hard to crack your government job exam.

Getting a government job is the dream of most Indians and the above mentioned tips will take you a step closer to realizing that dream. If you are also a government job aspirant, keep these genius tips in mind and start cracking government exams.