10 Idols Who Nearly Debuted In Other Groups

Flavia Calina 0

Almost all idols were scouted by different agencies while some auditioned. Some idols didn’t pass the audition while some didn’t accept the offer. But what if they passed, what if they accepted the offer. Here are the idols who almost debuted in other groups.

EXO’s Xiumin in GOT7

EXO’s Xiumin actually auditioned for JYP Entertainment. Sadly, he got rejected. This made him participate in SM Entertainment’s contest. There he succeeded and debuted in EXO.


S.Coups was supposed to debut in the group NU’EST but he was removed from the line-up. He was then a part of the line-up of TEMPEST but the group disbanded before debuting because of NU’EST’s success. They didn’t get much attention, so he ended up debuting in SEVENTEEN.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo in Red Velvet

Jisoo was attending a YG Entertainment concert when a scout from SM Entertainment gave her an offer. At that time, she was already a trainee in YG Entertainment, but what if she wasn’t a trainee. She might’ve taken the offer and end up debuting in Red Velvet.

BTS’ J-Hope in GOT7

BTS’ J-Hope auditioned for JYP Entertainment before he even auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment. Surprisingly, he was turned down by JYP Entertainment. He then auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment and passed. But if he did pass the audition, he would’ve debut as the main dancer of GOT7.

Somi in ITZY

Somi was supposed to debut in JYP Entertainment’s girl group, ITZY. The line-up for ITZY was actually leaked and it was shown that Somi was in the line-up. Sadly, Somi left JYP Entertainment and signed with The Black Label. She is now known as a soloist.

Red Velvet’s Wendy in CLC

Red Velvet Wendy participated in Koreaboo and Cube Entertainment’s global audition. She has an amazing voice and due to this, she was one of the 15 finalists, there were a total of 5,000 auditions. Wendy didn’t win but if she did win, Cube Entertainment would have trained her and she would’ve debuted in CLC.


MONSTA X’s Shownu in GOT7

MONSTA X’s Shownu was a JYP Entertainment trainee. He was supposed to debut as a member of GOT7 but he was kicked out the company. Shownu was kicked out because of too much trainee absences. He then joined Starship Entertainment and competed in a survival show. He then debuted as the main dancer and vocalist of MONSTA X.

IU in Wonder Girls

IU auditioned for JYP Entertainment and many more entertainment companies. She had a great audition but she wasn’t accepted. The audition manager revealed why IU didn’t pass the audition. He said that IU doesn’t fit the girl group image he wanted. But if she was accepted, IU would now be a member of Wonder Girls.

BTS’ Jin in EXO

BTS’ Jin was approached by a manager in SM Entertainment. Jin was in middle school at that time so he assumed that it was a scam and didn’t accept it. If he did accept the offer, he would’ve probably debuted as a member of EXO.

  • I-DLE’s Miyeon in BLACKPINK

Miyeon was supposed to debut as a member of BLACKPINK, there’s even pictures of her and the current BLACKPINK members before their debut. Sadly, he was removed from the company. Rumors say that she was kicked out for dating a male trainee from the same company. She then signed with CUBE Entertainment and there she debuted as the main vocalist of (G)I-DLE.