10 Things to Consider When Building Your Home to Protect Expensive Jewelry

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Fine jewelry and diamonds are the best investments. Besides, your wedding sets might be your pride that you want to show off at events. But, the world is not a safe place for your valuable assets. So, you need not trust anyone with your ornaments but yourself. 

Protecting them is as necessary as maintaining the luster of your bands and pendants. No matter how minimal your jewelry is, you must have a storage plan because one is very likely to lose small pieces of jewelry like stud earrings and bands if nothing else. And if they are a family heirloom, no amount of money can compensate for the loss.

Building a new house can be exciting. Even remodeling an old one can be pretty thrilling. But, there are several things to have in mind before beginning the process. 

Some of which are, where will all the expensive items go? What ways can you use to keep them safe and secure? How to not end up losing or damaging them? 

Undoubtedly, the concerns are genuine and pretty daunting in themselves. Do not fret. Because there are so many budget-friendly options that you can imply to ensure your belongings and your family stay safe.

10 Basic Ways to Protect Your Valuable Jewelry

When constructing a new house or renovating the current one, the last thing you would want to lose is your ornaments. Especially those expensive diamond studs that easily get lost because of their small size.

Whether you are getting your bathroom floor redone or extending the exterior walls of your kitchen, there will be strangers moving around your house. Subsequently, your valuable belongings will be pregnable of getting stolen, lost, or damaged.

In the face of such circumstances, it only makes sense to stay very cautious. Here are the ten simple ways to secure your sparkles:

  1. Run a Background Check on the Contractor

Most people are highly likely to ignore this part. However, it is crucial to ensure that the contractor you hire is credible. Check if their credentials are official or are they a part of an official organization.

Furthermore, ask them about their education and experience. Also, ask them how they plan to ensure your house’s safety during the renovation because you do not need hardworking people only but also trustworthy contractors. It is preferable to ask friends or family for a referral. 

  1. Store Your Sets in a Safe

Gems, jewels, and diamond sets cost a fortune, so do not rely entirely on your contractor. Depending on the diamond style and ornament sizes, there a plenty of options. Investing in a jewel locker or safe is a typical one. But, buying a good safe is not a bad idea. 

Consider locking it properly and storing it somewhere away from the sight, because if your safe is small, it might be easily carriable. Better to save it behind locked doors. As for heavy sets, try putting them in bank storage or at a trustworthy friend’s house.

  1. Stick Around

Make sure to stick around and keep an eye on the workers as much as possible. Try not to leave the house while they are at work. You cannot risk leaving your diamond earrings and jewels unattended while strangers walk around your place. Apart from that, make sure no one knows about the placement of keys except you.

  1. Lock Windows and Doors 

While you are away, keep your doors and windows locked. Do not leave any door or window unnecessarily unlocked, even when home. If you do not have this habit, hang a reminder with your doorknobs and window handles. Also, do not forget to double-check every door when you plan to leave the house. The intruders will always look for an easy target like a door or window left ajar.

  1. Install Security System

If you have enough budget and the project is extensive, installing security cameras and smart locks can work great. Installing a security system is one of the best ways to protect your expensive household items and wedding day diamond jewelry from burglars. 

The past part is that most of these systems are easy and quick to install. The best part is that you can monitor your diamond jewelry such as tennis bracelets through your phone when you are away from home.

  1. Clean-Up Everyday

Nothing attracts the attention of intruders like shiny tools and construction materials lying on the scene. Direct your construction crew for a clean-up regimen every day after work. Moreover, make sure to be there while they clean up. The contractor should either place all the tools aside or take them along.

  1. Keep the Night Lights On

Always make it look like someone is at home. For that purpose, keep your night lights and garage lights on. Motion sensor lights are best in such situations. If you do not have them, get them installed.

  1. Remove Jewelry While Working Around the House

Some women wear little pieces of jewelry regularly, especially wedding proposal rings or ear studs. Therefore, the need for care about their safety increases when your house is undergoing renovative changes. Do not wear them while working around the house because you might lose them forever if they happen to slip off.

  1. Designate a Place for Everyday Jewelry

As we talk about wearing jewelry every day and how you should remove it while running errands, it is equally necessary to designate a safe spot to keep this jewelry while you get done with your house chores. Leaving them lying randomly around is a bad idea because anyone can pick them up without you even knowing.

  1. Inform Your Children

Last but not least, educate your children. Tell them not to leave the doors unlocked. If an earring stud or a ring falls off, ask them to keep an eye. Also, teach them not to let anyone inside the house without your approval.

Bottom Line

No one wants to become a victim of a home invasion. Every piece of jewelry, either wedding day diamonds or an anniversary gift, has monetary and sentimental value. By implementing these, you can discourage burglars from taking them away. 

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