Giordano Ladies Eyewear and BSX eyewear in Indian Market

Giordano Ladies Eyewear and BSX eyewear in Indian Market

The design of GLS801 GLS802 is enriched by cultural patterns with Laser printing technology on the temples. It is subtle, raw, fashionable and certainly with characters. The simple “body wave” patterns shows the high and low of the movement of human move.The collection GLS803 and GLS804 has shown the mood of giordano ladies for their customers.

eyewear brown

The classic “Cat Eyes” design of GLS805 and GLS806 has applied the feeling of diamond cutting technology on the frame. It has created a elegant touch on this collection.

EYEWEAR black hot


Metal Collection

The (Round) Aviator design on GLS101, It is different to the normal “feminine” giordano ladies “softness” but instead it carries the kind of coolness.

EYEWEAR machoo

The everlasting typical Aviator design on GLS102 and GLS103 is applying on the frame, which shows a classic. Simple colors coupled with inspired creation, even without the luxury & high-quality materials, BSS007 collection also can stand out the personal charisma.

EYEWEAR beautiful


Metal Collection

The typical Aviator design on BSS101 is applying the simple line and simple colours on the frame, which shows a classic and young feel on wearers. The bold design concept with large lens was used on BSS102 and BSS103 to show its gentleness as well as its strong characteristic design.





Giordano Company is a Hong Kong-based international retailer of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories. Established in 1981, Giordano now employs over 8,100 staff with over 2,400 shops operating in more than 30 countries worldwide. Its current Chairman and CEO is Dr. Lau Kwok Kuen, Peter. The Company is one of Asia-Pacific’s most successful retailers and its brands include “Giordano”, “Giordano Junior”, “Giordano Ladies”, “BSX” and “Beau Monde”

VERDICT – Grab the amazing collection from Giordano and enhance your looks. Match the various collection with your different outfits and look stunning everyday. You will definately love the collection. Run out to your nearest store and grab the perfect eyewear for yourself.


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