11 Reasons You Should Buy a Timeshare This Year

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There’s quite a bit of negative stigma surrounding timeshares. However, you shouldn’t believe it all.

If you are interested in learning more about the reasons to buy a timeshare, keep reading. Here you can find some of the potential benefits this purchase offers.

  1. Affordability

You may have heard that timeshares are expensive. While there is some truth in this statement, there’s more to it.

Some timeshare developers and resorts will mark up their vacation ownership products to cover sales and marketing-related costs. Because of this, you see a somewhat intimidating price tag.

However, if you choose a timeshare resale, a crucial aspect is missing – the resort.

If you purchase a timeshare resale, you purchase right from the current owner. Usually, the owner is just someone else who loves to travel and is done using the timeshare.

Since they don’t have to increase the price, you can purchase resale timeshares for much less. In some cases, up to 70% less than retail cost.

  1. No Need to Think About Where You Will Vacation

Do you like to vacation in the same place each year? If so, a timeshare is a great option.

Just make sure you choose a timeshare in a location where you want to visit each year for the coming years.

If you enjoy predictability, stability, and routine, this vacation experience is right for you.

In some cases, you have the option to exchange your existing timeshare location for a different one of the same or less value. However, this does require additional time and planning.

Some consumers purchase timeshares because they want to go to the same place each year. However, others purchase these because they want to have access to several properties in the timeshare company’s portfolio.

If you plan to do this, make sure you look at the hgvc cancellation policy and other terms and requirements.

  1. Better Amenities Than at Hotels

Most timeshare resorts are usually better than hotels because they have larger rooms and better in-room amenities like luxury bathrooms, full kitchens, and laundry.

Along with that, timeshare resorts also have amazing on-site amenities.

During your state, you will have access to things like kid’s clubs, fitness centers, bars, restaurants, full-service spas, swimming pools, and all types of daily activities.

  1. Availability

The timeshare industry is continually growing. With this, there are more and more luxurious resorts being built across the globe.

What this means is that you have plenty of availability to potential owners.

No matter your vacation preferences, you can find ownership opportunities that meet your unique needs.

Do you want to go to the biggest theme parks each year? If so, you can find timeshare options in these areas. Do you like skiing? Why not choose a timeshare in your favorite winter destination.

  1. No Need to Maintain the Property

While you do have to share the financial responsibility of maintaining your timeshare property by paying annual dues, you don’t have to worry about handling the improvements or maintenance yourself. The timeshare company handles all this.

If the maintenance and repairs are handled well, this minimal responsibility can be a huge perk of owning a timeshare.

If you choose a condo or vacation house instead, it comes with a lot more responsibilities.

With that in mind, if you rent another person’s timeshare or vacation home every year, you don’t have this responsibility either. You also don’t have to worry about paying special assessments or annual fees.

It’s up to you to figure out what makes the most sense for your situation. 

  1. Access to Properties Across the Globe

Another benefit of timeshare ownership is that you can trade vacations.

An example of this is if you have a timeshare in Colorado at a ski resort, but you want to visit Germany instead.

In this case, all you have to do is access the online portal and exchange your timeshare( buy a timeshare).

Some of the best timeshare companies have hundreds of different properties available. They also offer flexible exchange options and opportunities. What this means is that you can vacation anywhere in the world quickly and easily.

  1. Affiliations

Some of the top timeshares that are available through resale are associated with the top vacation clubs available. This means you get the most bang for your timeshare buck.

Purchasing a timeshare reseal at branded resorts lets you access membership programs and other types of features that provide more rewards and vacation options.

Also, the timeshare resale will probably be affiliated with other organizations that provide even more exchange options.

As mentioned above, when you exchange your ownership, it lets you book different accommodations across the world. This means your vacation options are expanded significantly.

  1. More Affordable Than Purchasing a Vacation Home

In 2019, the average cost for a one-week timeshare was $22,942. However, about 50% of timeshare owners stated they paid under $10,000 for their timeshare. This is much less than what you would have to pay for a vacation condo.

While this is true, timeshare prices don’t include exchange fees, maintenance fees, annual dues, or other costs that significantly increase the price.

They also don’t reflect the resale market. Here you can purchase a timeshare for almost nothing.

  1. Rent Your Timeshare to Other People

While vacations are an important part of life, sometimes you can’t avoid having to skip them. If this happens, you don’t have to worry.

There is no need to lose money on the timeshare.

Instead of letting an entire year pass without using your timeshare( buy a timeshare), you can rent it to another person. For example, if you know someone who doesn’t know if they want to rent or buy for their vacation, you can let them try yours.

If you rent out your timeshare, you will get enough money to cover the annual dues. This means you don’t lose any money. Also, your friend will get to use it.

  1. Additional Perks

Another benefit of timeshare ownership is the increased luxury this purchase will afford you. Rather than staying in overpriced, crowded, or cramped hotel rooms, you will have a spacious villa with amazing views.

Many modern timeshare offerings even come with premium amenities. This includes things like several bedrooms and bathrooms, full kitchens, and stone fireplaces.

Besides the timeshare itself, you can find options with all types of on-site features designed for your use and enjoyment.

Some of the most common amenities you will find at a timeshare include poolside bars, lounges, fitness areas, health centers, swimming pools, and restaurants. All this will help you have plenty of ways to stay entertained.

  1. The Guarantee of an Amazing Vacation

No matter what timeshare option you choose, whether it is a floating or fixed week, or a point-based option, you will have a quality vacation.

You don’t have to worry about saving up for a vacation. You have a spot waiting when and where you want it.

While you do have annual maintenance fees to pay, you will work them into your budget when you purchase it. Because of this, they won’t become a financial burden.

When you are ready to go on vacation, you can just go online, book the trip you want, and go.

Choosing the Right Timeshare

Remember, there are a lot of timeshare options to choose from. It is up to you to find the one that best suits your needs.

If needed, research the options, and speak to friends who already own timeshares. They can likely help you decide about what’s a good deal and what’s not.

When you get ready to buy, make sure to read all the fine print, so you fully understand what you are getting into. This is going to help ensure you get the right timeshare arrangement for yourself and your family.

Are You Ready to Buy a Timeshare?

Are you ready to buy a timeshare? As you can see from the information above, this purchase offers more than a few benefits.

Make sure you keep the information above in mind, which will help you decide what you want to do. It will also help ensure you make the right decision for your financial situation.

Are you searching for more resources, information, and guides on different topics? If so, be sure to check out some of the other blogs that we have published on our website. We take pride in updating the information often to help you stay informed. buy a timeshare

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