1M Intimate Cream and Hygiene Wash

Intimate Hygiene is very important, specially in women as they go through menstruation and are gifted with the power of giving birth to a child. A women’s life is not so easy. She handles family, office, relatives, happiness of everyone and what not. These are the outside view that we can judge about her. But, What about the internal pain she goes through every month for 5 days during menstruation cycle. What about the intimate issues she goes through and rarely talk about it openly.

1M is a feminine intimate hygiene cream  and wash introduced by Ozone Ayurvedics Ltd. It contains Lactic Acid, Sea Buckthorn oil and Tea Tree Oil. The cream is formulated to protect women’s area from various concerns.

  • Dryness and Itching
  • Soreness and Burning Sensation
  • White Discharge and Unpleasant Odour
  • Feeling unclean during menstruation

Unlike soaps(pH >8) and water (pH =7), IM Intimate cream wash helps in maintaining a natural pH of 3.5 in intimate areas and restores healthy intimate flora consist of good bacteria for example lactobacilli, which helps to maintain an ideal pH of 3.5 to 4.5. When the intimate flora is disturbed , it leads to disturbance in natural pH of 3.5 which causes discomfort in intimate area.


The 1M Intimate cream wash is Specially recommended during periods because the pH of menstrual blood is about 7.4 , so it disturbs the vagina’s  natural pH. The use of pads during menses can change the vulvo vaginal area pH, making room for growth of harmful bacteria which can lead to itching,irritation and unpleasant odour.

With the use of IM Intimate cream wash during menses maintains the pH of 3.5 in intimate area, thus leading to long lasting freshness and hygiene.


1M intimate cream wash pH 6.8 helps to balance out vaginal flora for women who are going through menopause. The pH of 6.8 is used to restore the pH level back to normal and supports healthy and balanced vaginal flora. While menopause 1M intimate cream wash pH 6.8 also takes care of excessive dryness , itching and irritation.

  • Apply the wash on dry or wet skin of intimate area
  • Rinse lightly during bathing if needed
  • You can rinse it off or leave it on the skin
  • Safe to use everyday( twice a day)
  • Better absorption and longer duration of action
  • Prevents and relieve itching, irritation,burning,dryness in the intimate area by restoring and maintaining ideal pH balance
  • Offers soothing and moisturizing intimate wash experience
  • Maintains delicate vaginal pH balance in the intimate areas
  • Convenient and provides long lasting freshness and hygiene
  • Combats unpleasant ‘odour’ in intimate area with its natural floral fragrance.
  • Easy to Use
  • Best suited for working proffesionals
  • Offers both Preventive and Curative Approach for Feminine intimate Hygiene




  1. 1M 3.5 Intimate Cream Wash (100 g) – 138 INR
  2. 1M 6.8 Intimate Cream Wash (100 g) – 148 INR
  3. 1M Hygiene Wash (100 ml) – 140 INR

Daily usage of 1M intimate cream and hygiene wash ensures that women feels fresh, clean and confident throughout the day. The product can be well used during pregnancy, childbirth, menstrual period discomfort, traveling, after swimming and after workout sessions or sport activities.

So ladies, now its time to raise voice and concoct your issues openly.Lets talk about it openly

Let for once the men of the family come up and talk to you about your problems. Let them talk to their mothers and ask them about their intimate problems and get Intimate cream and wash if needed.



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