3 Interior Designs To Make Your Place Feel like Home



One has a dream home. It may be the colour combination of the curtains or the sofa in the living room. It can be a granite kitchen design, beds with blended covers and pillows. It can also be a recreation room where many can watch a movie together—a room filled with different sports to play indoors. The realities of today are the result of the people who once dreamed about it. Do you have the picture in mind now of your dream home?

If your dream is still a work in progress, here are some of the tips to collect homewares to prepare for your dream home. You can start with colour. Good designers will tell you that colour has power. Colours are mood changers. It may absorb a mood, or it will heighten the existing one. It may also narrow a place or make it spacious. Before buying your home décor and furniture, it’s best to see which colours can work together.  

Colours with the Same Temperature

Temperatures of colour can be grouped into two. Either warm or cool colours, combining these colours gives off a harmonious home. Blue and green with cool hues can be paired together. Warm neutrals like soft beige and rich brown can give pleasure to the eye. One would not go to a home with a colour that is loud. A home is a place to rest, not a place to work.


Colours for Work

Palettes in monochromatic colours are good if you have a room in your house where you work. Monochromatic colours can also be considered when you want to renovate your office. It strikes a sophisticated mood where one has no time to play or daydream—a foolproof but a place where one is set to work. Colours with slightly different tones like deeper blue and pale blue will fit your office to look professional yet cool—varying colours to choose from depending on the nature of the work. 

Consider the Colour Wheel 

Complementary colours can easily be identified in the colour wheel. When you look into the opposite side of one colour, you will see that they look good when paired. You may infer that even in colours, the opposites do attract. One example would be blue-green aqua tones. You might test different pairs in the wheel and see if they are the pairs you would like to see in your house. 

The tips mentioned were just some of the many suggestions on how to make your house a home. If you are single, you may try combinations of colours by painting your walls and buying stuff to experiment with. If you are married, you may consult with your spouse regarding the colours you would like to include in the homewares you will buy. If you have kids and are old enough to suggest and voice it out, you might also include them. But if your kids are still little, consider what works best for them.

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Colours are not just the basis for a house to be home. Things are just accessories in making a home suitable to live in. Most importantly, a house without the people you value is an absence of love, just space.