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Replying to texts every-time is not possible for any of us. Be it that we are indulging in some kind of important work or maybe we are driving or it can be like we are just not in a mood to chat or worse we don’t have battery life left on our cell phone. 


Whatever or however valid the reason is this can lead to strained relationships both on personal and professional ground. 

This problem can be solved to some extent by the help of Auto Reply Apps which are provided by Android for social media platforms like Whatsapp.


Here we will discuss the details of such apps and their use and everything that one needs to know about the whole thing to make it work for one self. Also you can learn more about WA business clone.


There are mainly 3 such apps for the android users and the main point of interest is that it will save a great deal of time for you and even for your business.


The 3 most popular and efficient APP for Whatsapp for automatic reply are –

  • Autoresponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot. 
  • Whats Auto – Reply APP
  • Auto Reply Bot For WA , Autoresponder fr Whats.

  • Autoresponder for WA


This App will help you to manage both the personal and professional sphere as you can set it in different ways for both the spheres. When you are working the personal texts will not bother you as the app will handle it for you and when you are spending time with your family it will very efficiently take care of all your work messages and everything related.

You can set the texts you want to send to the contacts, you can even customise your texts for different contacts if you want to.

This app will even reply to your unsaved contacts and to different groups with the text you want to send to those and will hide your last seen and everything one needs to deal with to maintain a proper communication with everyone around you.

Last but not the least the APP will take care of your backup and storage and everything needed.

  • Whats Auto – Reply APP 


  This app takes care of other social media platforms as well as Whatsapp. This app secures replies for the other apps as well which makes life better when one is busy. This app is great for people who are into the social media business and have to deal with a lot of people in different apps. 

With this app you can set the time of auto reply, select the important ones and the replies you want to send to them. Important groups and contacts can be classified as well. You can curate chat bots which will be totally customised and also the APP will take care of the older texts and the backup for you. Taking care of the backup texts and data is a very essential work and the APP does that very efficiently. 

  • Auto Reply Bot For WA, Autoresponder For whats 


This Apps will take care of every required detail you need to attain with the unique features like you can make every reply in ways you want to and to select the contacts where you want to send specific places, in a specific manner.

This app will take care of widget, google drive and there are many other platforms which should be taken care of in order to make your life better and easier.

  • IM Auto Reply


IM auto reply app is a similar kind of app which helps you to reply instantly back to people or groups and saves your time making your communication way easier and perfect. This app not only takes care of your Whatsapp but also other important apps like facebook and instagram.

You can consider this app yourself and there is not a single reason that will disappoint you.


These are the best 4 auto reply APPs which will help you to connect with people in a better way and establish a strong bond between people and you from all the spheres of your life. These are perfectly designed and programmed to make your life better. 


The kind busy world we live in is not always possible to be present in every moment but it is very important to respond to texts on each platform because the digital world  that we live in requires that. It is very important for people in both spheres. It is not only important for your work life and people from that circle of yours it is equally important for the people of your personal life also. People everywhere deserve a reply and most importantly to maintain a good relation with people for your own good.

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