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4 Free Tools to Unblock Block Websites in India


In the ongoing digital era, every individual aspires to stay updated with what’s going around and how things are developing. With the growing demand and necessity of the internet, individuals are looking to scale their interests and keep themselves updated in different dimensions. If we picture the landscape of the digital world or the online internet space, we could draw some conclusions which explain why the internet is among the basic necessities of life. Apart from keeping an individual updated and connected, it helps them to increase their general knowledge, creating awareness about social and economic changes going around. In today’s time, every household across India has reasonable access to the internet, making the lives of individuals extremely convenient and fast. Talking about access to the internet, there are many platforms and websites that are blocked due to geo-restrictions in India and its adjoining areas. 

Talking about geo-restrictions, these aren’t only applied to Indian territories, but they stretch from Asia to Europe and North American regions, depending on the type of website and content. If you are accessing a local Indian website, you won’t have to worry about access, as you will be getting 100% access. However, if you are accessing a region-dominated website of a European region from India, you might find resistance and hurdles. If you are an internet freak who loves exploring regional content, you can find the bestselling VPNs from the Black Friday VPN sale, which will be going live very soon. Continue reading to find out how you can unblock geo-restricted websites in India. 

1. Online Unblocking Proxy Websites 

With the growing demand for unblocked platforms all across the globe, many Indians are also seen using a proxy for unblocking geo-restricted content in their region. Apart from this, individuals also experiment with free unblocking engines, which are nothing less than phishing pages. There are over hundred free proxy websites that help in unlocking websites that are temporarily or permanently banned by the government and other regulatory authorities. However, it’s recommended to avoid such websites which offer free bypassing services to blocked sites. 

2. Chrome Extensions 

With Google Chrome providing in-house solutions to all online technological needs, individuals gain access to Hotspot shield and other extensions which are reasonably accurate while unblocking geo-restricted content on the internet. However, these extensions turn handy on several occasions but are still not preferred by tech activists and researchers with a solidn data funneling and extractio backgroundn. Chrome extensions can easily be integrated into your Google Chrome browser with one click, but if you find any reasonable extension, you should try it without hesitance. However, if you are looking to bypass any educational or streaming website, you will need to have access to a robust VPN connection which can be bought from the Black Friday VPN sale. 

3. Paid and Premium VPN Connections

Not just in India but everywhere all around the globe, VPN connections remain to stand out when talking about unblocking tools. If you have subscribed to a paid and premium VPN connection, you shouldn’t worry about any glitches or faulty errors. Premium VPNs are developed under strict protocols which aren’t only followed by the software engineer itself, but the entire process works on automation. If you are streaming any sort of content online via a premium VPN connection, you shouldn’t be hesitant about your streaming logs and internet history. 

Unlike other third-party unblocking applications and faulty sites, VPN connections stay solid like a concrete wall, offering maximum access to the geo-restricted content without compromising the user’s information and data. With Ivacy VPN, you can get customized in-house solutions in just one click. Irrespective of your browser and device preference, you get compact solutions for bypassing geo-restricted content of all sorts. In India, many individuals are associated with earning online, and in order to conceal their IP, they use free and insecure VPN connections, which are ultimately compromised or hacked by online hackers. In order to stay safe from such uncertain online threats, it’s ideal to use VPNs to access geo-restricted and blocked websites and platforms in India and across the globe. 

4. Changing DNS Setting 

If you have been using the internet lately, you will be well aware of the DNS setting module, which is the main functioning element between your internet gateway and the host website. If you are looking to access block sites in India, you can try your luck by refreshing and playing with the DNS setting from the control panel. Apart from this, you will need to have a genuine IP address and console information to replace the same in the DNS server address. Such crafts are only recommended to those who have a firm grip on programming and internet administration. If you aren’t aware of or interested in such crafted complications and protocols, it’s best to avoid them.

Final Word!

While finding the best online website unblocking tools online, you would have come across various hacks and proxy finders. However, it’s best to use a premium paid VPN connection that best fits your needs and has all updated features. Be it split-tunneling or no history logs policy, VPN providers ensure that they provide state-of-the-art service to their esteemed clients all around the globe.

With India becoming the supreme IT hub, we can sense changing trends and dynamics in the region. In these excelling times, VPN services should first be vetted and then used to unblock geo-restricted content and platforms. It’s best to pay for premium services and avail yourself of the most secure VPN services online.

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