4 Key Aspects of the Upcoming Android 12 that Has the Potential to be a Game-Changer

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It has been almost 13 years since Android made its way towards smartphones and handheld devices and everything changed for the better. It has been one of the biggest advancements in technology seen when we consider the changes it offered. Android was not a groundbreaking software as there were operating systems available for mobile devices. But the behavior of those devices and the usage changed for the better.

September 23, 2008 was the date when Android was launched and after that this technology was never the same. Smartphone market started to explode. Nowadays around 5.27 billion cell phones are in operation and around 80% of them are smartphones. The market share of Android is close to 73% with iOS, the fiercest competitor of Android, at 26%. 

Android or iOS

Some people argue that iOS is far better when it comes to the security and other options. But most people think that it is overly-secure and makes the life of the user very cumbersome. Anyway, it is a long debate and not the topic of this blog as I will try to offer you some quick insights. 

Android 12 will be the 12th major release in the Android series and overall 19th version of Android. The first Beta version was launched in May 2021 and the latest preview, (Beta 3) was launched on July 14th, 2021. There will be another fourth beta that will be launched. The fourth version will reach platform stability and the final version will be launched sometime after that. 

That is where any mobile app development company will be licking its lips as they anticipate a game-changer in terms of features and options. Read on as I discuss how this version will set some new benchmarks and give iOS a tough time. 

Salient Features of Android 12

  1. User Interface (UI) 

Just like any of the previous versions, there are still many areas that are yet to be explored by the developers. The User Interface is something that the critics of Android still are very off and that is why this has been taken care of. The new UI will be laced with larger buttons, good animation, and new style for home screen widgets. This will allow the users to get a new experience. Even though this may not be groundbreaking, a change is always lapped up by the end-users and the same will be the case. 

A new feature will allow the operating system to change the color theme for system and supported apps using the color of the user’s wallpaper. This will give your phone more options to make it unique for you. There are also some other changes related to smartphone and quality areas and also for the scrolling screenshot. But we will only get to see after the final beta version has been launched.

  1. Platform 

Performance improvements related to the platform has been one of the hallmarks of all the previous versions of Android to and same is the case here. System services such as window manager package manager and system server have been overhauled and the accessibility improvements for the visually impaired is also enhanced. The android runtime has been added to project mainline thus allowing it to be serviced via Play Store.

Android 12 will add support for spatial audio and MPEG-H 3D audio. It will support transcoding of HEVC video for backwards compatibility with apps which do not support it. New API is also being developed that can transfer formatted text and media between apps, thus offering a great support for people using the clipboard for extended options.

  1. Quick Tiles 

The new version, when the notification they are used to seeing around I can set the top of the pan. But now these will be replaced by rounded rectangles and will operate similarly to previous quick tiles. A simple tap turns them on or off and a long press takes you to the settings page. As they are larger, they can easily accommodate more information. 

Some of the critics are saying that this is finally the change they were looking for, although it is being termed as copying the Windows tiles. It has been in use for around one decade. But it will all depend on the end result, as whether the web development team at Google and other developers has finally hit the jackpot. 

  1. Privacy and Security Improvements 

Google announced several privacy features for Android 12 at its I/O 2021, and this has now been made transparent. The new tools will also offer better control. Permissions are much better as this will also help them access information. Privacy is something that is looked upon with a magnifying glass. And not just the industry pundits but also whistle blowers and by a general user too.  

The following security aspects have been added to Android 12, so take a look. But there can be enhancements or changes in it, so don’t take it as something final. 

The privacy dashboard will give users a detailed view of how apps will access their information. Everything will be in black and white so that assembly will show a complete overview. This is related to how apps access your location, camera and microphone, to name a few, in a specified time period. Users Will also get to tweak app permissions so that they can manage permissions settings on the timeline view page. This is another great option for experienced users. 

Privacy is not something that can be discussed in detail in this blog because this will warrant another complete blog. That is why I think of how you can make the optimum use of this new version of Android. And I hope this blog will help all of my readers in getting to know it better. 

Over to you 

What is your experience of using Android up till now? And what else are you anticipating so that everything can work out perfectly for you? Or if you want to ask any questions concerning any aspect mentioned in this blog, you are more than welcome to speak up.

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