5 Benefits Of Natural Hair Care

Jennifer Betts 0

Natural beauty, or eco-beauty, has been a big trend lately. Women have been using all sorts of products on their hair for decades without really knowing what goes into them. Now, thanks to social media letting us in on a few beauty secrets, we’re becoming more and more conscious about what we use on our hair. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the five benefits of natural hair care and explain why switching to natural hair care products could revolutionise your beauty routine. Let’s get into it! 

1- Cut The Chemicals 

The first thing to note about natural hair care products is that they prioritise natural ingredients over chemicals. Chemicals are popular in hair care products as they can deliver immediate effects and leave your hair with lasting damage if used too often, and natural ingredients offer longer-lasting, sustained nourishment for your locks. 

If you’ve ever used a cheap shampoo promising smooth and silky hair and found your hair looks great immediately after the wash but feels oily and greasy the next day, it’s probably because of chemical build-up. Chemical products have a way of stripping your hair’s natural oils, which can then result in over-production of oil as your hair tries to compensate for what’s been lost.

Cutting hair products that contain large amounts of chemicals and switching to naturally made products will help to revive your hair by restoring nutrients to your locks. Over time, your natural oils will be able to rebalance, and your hair will start to feel much better in between washes and much lighter and full of life as build-up reduces. 

2- Reduce Build-Up And Clarify 

Build-up comes from various things – it can be a product of the environment and pollution; however, the main thing that builds on your hair is products. 

When you regularly use shampoos, conditioners, creams and other hair care products containing lots of unnatural additives, they can form a layer of build-up on the outside of your hair. This build-up starts to make the hair look dull and limp, as its weight makes it look flat, and its colour blocks the shine. 

A natural clarifying shampoo can help you to undo this damage. Clarifying shampoos work to remove unwanted residues by deeply cleansing each hair from the root to the tip. This helps to purify the hair, whilst natural ingredients help to restore moisture and encourage the reproduction of natural oils.

Clarifying shampoo can be used on any hair type, best when followed with a natural-based conditioner. 

3- Restore Curl Patterns 

Curls can be tricky to work with, especially when build-up from improper products has them looking a little limp and lifeless. Many people won’t even know they have curly hair because the products they’ve been using their whole lives have been weighing their locks down. 

Natural products can help you revive your curls by improving your hair’s health and removing the impurities that stop them from forming. Following a curly hair routine, which includes wrapping or ‘plopping’ the hair after washing it and using a natural spray-on conditioner after showering, can help restore the bounce to your natural curls! 

It might take some time to get them back to their natural hair texture; however, switching to natural products is a great way to kick start this process. Look for products specifically designed to work with curls for the best results – even if you think your hair is just wavy, you might be surprised how much volume you can get when you switch to natural beauty! 

4- Add Moisture And Nutrients  

The key benefit to natural hair care is the excellent nutritional benefits that come from natural products. Naturally-based shampoos and conditioners often come with ingredients containing healing properties and lots of vitamins that help strengthen your hair. 

Things such as oils extracted from fruits, nuts, plants and other natural resources can offer your hair tons of moisture that keeps it feeling healthy and shiny. 

5- Accelerated Hair Growth 

When your hair is healthier, it grows faster. Natural hair care products help improve your scalp health and provide your locks with the nutrients needed to form stronger, healthier bonds, resulting in faster hair growth. 

If you’ve been trying to grow your hair, switching to a natural hair care routine might be the perfect way to encourage your hair to grow! Try adding hair oil to your routine for some extra nourishment – massaging a drop into your scalp before bed can help stimulate the follicles. 

How To Make The Switch To Natural Hair Care 

Making the switch to natural hair care is best done in little steps. Begin by changing your shampoo and conditioner to natural-based clarifying products and work your way from there. Slowly you can explore things like oils and hair masks and see the benefits they give to your locks. 

We hope these five benefits of natural hair care have opened your eyes to what you can achieve with a natural hair care routine, and we wish you all the best with your hair care journey!