5 Best Medicinal Oil for Pain and Strain

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CBD is emerging as a popular medicinal oil for pain remedy with one consumer survey showing that 60% of CBD consumers use it for pain relief. Moreover, the survey also established that 67% of individuals consuming the cannabinoid for pain reduced their pain medication dosage after adding CBD to their pain management regimen. 

CBD oil has many applications that can benefit patients suffering from chronic pain and other debilitating conditions. One of the most convenient ways to use CBD for pain relief is CBD oils or tinctures. These oils pack hundreds of milligrams of CBD into one bottle and make it easy for you to dose out the amount of CBD you need. But with so many CBD products on the market today, it can seem impossible to know which CBD oil will work best to relieve your pain. Today, more people are learning about the healing power of CBD as they research natural alternative methods to help calm and eventually end their pain.

The cannabinoid’s primary benefit over prescription medications is that it is all-natural and lacks undesirable side effects. Although you can use CBD-infused products like and gummies for pain relief, most consumers prefer CBD oil. CBD may also reduce the anxiety that people living with chronic pain often experience. When looking for a CBD product, it’s important to choose a high-quality product you can trust. Therefore, below are the top CBD oil products for pain relief. 

Charlotte’s Web 60mg/ml 

Charlotte’s Web is a unique brand in the CBD industry, famous for its premium-quality products, including CBD oil. Moreover, its 60mg/ml CBD oil scores commendable star ratings on multiple reputable cannabis review websites for its outstanding pain-relieving effects. 

The brand’s 60mg/ml CBD oil is among the most potent in the market, hence its capacity to deliver sweet pain and strain relief. Charlotte’s Web CBD oil features full-spectrum CBD extract with terpenes, flavonoids, and even 0.3% THC in compliance. Its phytochemical composition means that secondary cannabinoids and other compounds work synergistically to potentiate CBD’s pain-relieving properties. 

Moreover, Charlotte’s Web has stringent quality control strategies that monitor CBD oil production, including soil tests conducted before hemp cultivation. The brand also tests the hemp plant’s cannabinoid profiles before maturity and submits the final product for independent lab testing. 

You can rest assured that Charlotte’s Web’s pain-relieving CBD oil features accurate labeling information and is contaminant-free, as highlighted in its accompanying certificate of analysis (COA). 

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil craft masters recommend using the pain-relieving CBD oil at the same time daily for 30 days for the best results. However, they recommend this CBD oil for CBD enthusiasts looking to up their CBD intake. The oil is available in chocolate mint, lemon twist, and orange blossom flavors packed in 30ml and 100ml bottles. 

Green Roads Full-spectrum  

The full-spectrum CBD oil from Green Roads’ “Mighty” selection is an effective pain antidote. Its potent formulation is the brainchild of Green Road’s in-house pharmacists with years of experience in CBD and pain management therapy. 

Each bottle of pain-relieving CBD oil contains 1500mg of CBD extract, translating to 50mg/ml of the product. The manufacturer recommends placing an ml of CBD oil on your tongue and holding it for 30 seconds before swallowing. Although the 30ml bottle should last you 30 days, you can adjust the dosage depending on how the CBD interacts with your body. 

The lab-tested CBD oil contains all-natural hemp extract and additional ingredients; sunflower oil, MCT oil, glycerin, and hemp seed oil. Its secondary components enhance CBD’s absorption, facilitating instant relief.  

Moreover, the CBD oil contains no artificial flavors, but it features terpenes that give it a sweet taste dotted with caramel notes for palatability. It is also vegan-friendly, and you can verify all the above quality markers on the lab sheet included on its product page. 

Joy Organics Fresh Lime Full-spectrum CBD Oil 

All Joy Organics CBD oil tinctures contain phytonutrients including CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids that deliver therapeutic effects, including pain relief. However, the brand’s Fresh Lime full-spectrum CBD is a fan favorite within the CBD oil category. 

The lime-flavored CBD oil contains full-spectrum CBD extract sourced from US-grown hemp in multiple strengths. Moreover, Joy Organic exclusively uses USDA-certified organic hemp, and all its products are vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free. 

Like all Joy Organics products, this CBD oil undergoes third-party lab testing to ensure it is safe, contaminant-free, and for hemp quality, product potency, and phytochemical profiles verification. The CBD oil is available in 15mg/ml, 30mg/ml, 45mg/ml, and 75mg/ml CBD extract concentrations per serving.  

Lazarus Naturals Full-spectrum

The CBD craft masters at Lazarus Naturals crafted the brand’s full-spectrum CBD oil formula to enhance CBD’s anti-inflammation and pain relief properties. The expertly-formulated CBD oil utilizes the entourage effect. Because, besides cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, it also contains MCT oil and coconut oil. All the ingredients work in unison to enhance CBD’s analgesic effects and transportation to the target site. 

Although a bottle of this CBD oil contains 50mg/ml of CBD per serving, each drop contains approximately 12.5mg/ml of CBD, allowing you to adjust the dosage accordingly. However, the manufacturer recommends waiting two hours after taking the recommended 50mg/ml before upping your dose.  

The Lazarus Naturals CBD oil tincture undergoes independent lab testing to verify its quality and potency. It is available in strawberry lemonade, chocolate mint, and classic flavor options, and all the flavors are naturally sourced. 

Spruce 2400mg Lab Grade CBD Oil 

The Spruce brand’s CBD oil for pain relief contains 100% all-natural products, including full-spectrum CBD and carrier oils. Moreover, you can choose between organic pure hemp seed carrier oil and organic coconut carrier oil. 

Each ml of potent contains 80mg of premium-quality CBD extract. However, the CBD Oil features a calibrated dropper for easy dosing if the 80mg/ml dose is too strong for you.  


All CBD oils are not made equal. But the products highlighted above are a cut above the rest in delivering pain relief. However, note that pain could be a disease symptom, so consult your doctor before using CBD oil for pain relief.


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