5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services on the Internet

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5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services on the Internet

The best five reverse phone lookup services online

Meta description: We’ll be discussing everything you need to know about reverse phone lookup services: What is a reverse phone lookup service? 5 of the best reverse phone lookup services on the internet, and how to choose the best reverse phone lookup service. 


A reverse phone lookup service is an online search utility that enables its users to find out more information about a caller albeit a person or organization with just a phone number. 

Unlike the regular phone directory where a name is required to pull up such info, the phone lookup works in reverse. Armed with the phone number, individuals and organizations can get information such as the verifiable name, home and email address, age, gender, social media profile, and even details of family members. 

The end goal is to garner sufficient information to determine the identity of the owner of the number in question. Of course, not every website that claims to genuinely offer this service does so, and that is why this article is beneficial to you. 

If there is a tested and proven way to track information on people or groups through a phone number, here are five (5) of the best places to do so.

  1. NumLooker – free US-based reverse phone lookup service
  2. WhoCallMe –  free and offers speedy feedback time on information entered
  3. USPhoneLookup –  offers the basic search-and-results function
  4. WhoseNumber –  a free and detailed reverse phone lookup service that elaborates on every bit of information
  5. USPhoneSearch – draws its database from a wider information pool


NumLooker is a free US-based reverse phone lookup service with more than 12 million searches a year. The service also promises a 100% confidential search guarantee to protect your data. 

With a phone number entered in its search box, it combs through public records to uncover information about people or organizations, including their background, address, email, family members, and every other information linked to the said persons on the internet. 

NumLooker is a powerful data-building tool that is all the more accessible because it is free. In helping you confirm the identity of callers, NumLooker provides you with the necessary information to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. In the same vein, you also prevent spam and scam calls targeted at defrauding you. 

With millions of users, you have the assurance that NumLooker delivers on its promises and retains its clients. However, as good as its offer and functionalities are, NumLooker only covers states within the United States, but even at that, provides in-depth information on them. 

With a more global database, NumLooker would have had the advantage of diverse records, and easily opened itself up to a wider user base. 


  • Extensive database
  • Over 12 million searches annually
  • Userfriendly


  • Website design could be better

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WhoCallMe is another excellent website for reverse phone lookups on the internet. It is free and offers speedy feedback time on information entered. 

With WhoCallMe, it is easier to discover a caller’s identity as the service provides other search options such as using the area code attached to the unknown number. WhoCallMe promises a 100% confidential search, which is excellent for privacy, but it is also geographically limited to the US which shrinks its audience size significantly. 

Nonetheless, you can trust that WhoCallMe is reliable and safe. 


  • 100 confidential
  • Completely free


  • Limited to some states in the U.S

 Head Over To WhoCallMe.Com For Hassle-Free Number Lookup


For users who are conscious of their privacy and information, USPhoneLookup is the right service for your reverse phone lookup operations. 

Like other phone lookup services, it offers the basic search-and-results function, but it goes further. By ensuring the confidentiality of your details while using this reverse phone number search service, you can be certain that your target has no idea of your detective tendencies no matter how bad they may be.

Additionally, USPhoneLookup clears the air on the legality of searching for people’s information using their phone numbers, as well as the legitimacy of collating such information. 


  • 100% Confidential
  • Legal considerations


  • Medium database

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WhoseNumber is a free and detailed reverse phone lookup service that elaborates on every bit of information on its services and website functions unlike most others on this list. 

Its broad and regularly updated database drawn from government agencies’ records gives a thorough background report on most phone numbers. 

WhoseNumber also has a round-the-clock customer support team available to attend to client requests and complaints. Additionally, it boasts a user-friendly interface while prioritizing user confidentiality. 

With WhoseNumber, there’s truly no need to worry about personal data vulnerability while looking up unknown numbers. 


  • 100% Confidential
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • User friendly
  • Access to public records


  • Can be glitchy sometimes
  • The database is not as extensive 

Get Detailed Infromation Of Reverse Phone Lookup From WhoseNumber


USPhoneSearch is a little different from the other four lookup services. It draws its database from a wider information pool, sometimes voluntarily supplied by owners of such information. It also aggregates data from social media sites, telephone directories, and voter registers, to bring the most accurate report on searched information.

 USPhoneSearch also boasts of an exceptional “advanced filtering and updates” service which informs users of changes to the item they have searched. While this is amazing, it means that USPhoneSearch keeps a record of your personal information after your search.


  • Advanced filtering and updates
  • Voluntary database


  • Keeps user records
  • Non-extensive database

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How To Choose Phone Lookup Services?

With so many reverse phone lookup services out there, how do you ensure to select the best one for your use? Here are some ways you can choose your best-fit reverse phone lookup service.

  • A confidentiality guarantee is the first thing to look out for when dealing with a reverse phone lookup tool. It can be scary knowing that a website discretely collates your personal information while you utilize its services. So, it is important to find out what the website’s confidentiality declaration is, as well as reviews by other users.
  • A great phone lookup service should be up-to-date and have a broad database, to readily provide in-depth information on the changing nature of data attached to a phone contact.
  • Geographical strength: Look out for phone lookup services whose databases are drawn primarily from the area the unknown number originates from. It helps you to get accurate and more specific results on the information attached to the number.
  • Lastly, a phone lookup service with a customer support team and a user-friendly interface efficiently balance out the primary function of speed and accuracy. With these four qualities, you are certain to have found the right reverse phone lookup service for your regular use.


In the fast-paced world, we live in, knowing the identity of the people we interact and do business with is important. From private individuals seeking to protect families and loved ones to potential employers seeking more information on a prospective employee, a contractor, or a business partner, a reverse phone lookup presents many benefits that serve as a good kick-off point for getting to know strangers better. The information provided by such web services for free would be impossible to gather in real-time through physical records. 

It’s safe to say that these services make work and life easier with just the click of a search button, and they bring information to your fingertips, enabling you to efficiently make decisions that are important to your work and life. 

Now that you know which websites are reliable and safe to use, nothing stops you from going after the information you need using phone numbers.