5 Cool Gadgets That Use Solar Power

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Did you know that the sun generates an astonishing 400 trillion trillion watts?
The good news is that you can harness a tiny fraction of that solar power to provide energy for your gadgets.
There is a wide range of solar-powered tech out there that can make use of the power of the sun.
Read on as we take a look at some of the coolest solar-powered technology.

1. Solar Phone Charger

Are you tired of your phone running out when you’re nowhere near a power outlet? A solar phone charger is the perfect gadget to allow you to charge your phone anywhere where you have access to sunlight. Not only is it a handy tool to keep with you for those low battery emergencies, but it’s also great for taking on camping trips or other activities where you don’t have easy access to a power outlet. Simply plug it into your phone and let the sun do the rest.

2. Solar Bike Lock

Some solar-powered gadgets make use of solar power in ways you might not expect.A solar bike lock uses the power it generates to send alerts to your phone if your lock is tampered with. It also enables you to unlock your bike using just your phone, making it quick and easy to unlock and be on the go.It’s a clever use of solar power to improve on a product that’s been around for years.

3. Solar Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great way to use solar-powered technology to take energy from daylight and use it when it gets dark.Solar lighting charges up during the day when the sun shines. As night falls, and you need the benefit of your outdoor lights, the energy that’s been stored during the day can be put to good use in providing your outdoor lighting. It also means that you can install lights anywhere without having to worry about getting access to power.

4. Make Any Gadget Solar

You may already own a lot of gadgets that you wish could benefit from solar power. The good news is that they can.
You can use solar panels to power a generator that can provide energy to almost any electrical product you can think of. It’s a great choice for when you’re camping; you can use the generator to power whatever equipment you need.
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5. Solar Security Cameras

Solar security cameras allow you to use the power of the sun to help protect your home.                                                Just like solar lighting, solar security cameras allow you to place them anywhere you want,without having to worry about access to power. You can put them wherever you most need them.
The solar panels will charge up the camera during the day, providing power during the night when your cameras are most likely to be needed.

Make the Most of Solar Power

There are many devices out there that harness solar power to provide you with free energy.Since the sun is an almost endless source of power, it makes sense to help yourself to a little.You can opt for a gadget that has solar power built-in, or you could use solar panels to charge a portable battery and use this to get the benefit of solar power for almost any electrical product. Whichever option you go for, once you’ve gone solar you’ll never go back. If you’re looking for more great content, be sure to check out the rest of the site.