5 Creative Ways To Design Custom Counter Display Boxes

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Custom counter display boxes are just the thing you need to increase the value of your products and brand. Nowadays, every brand uses creative ideas to get its desired results. In this way, counter display boxes are an ideal tool to grab customers’ attention and drive sales.

According to Globe News Wire, 76% of customers agree that they’re often influenced by the packaging material they’re packaged in when choosing which items to buy. Also, it’s pretty easy to spot generic Packaging in shops. 

To bring customers to have a look and buy your goods, you need a unique display. So make sure to create visually appealing display boxes. 

Most counter displays are boxes. While a well-designed cardboard box can work, the impact of counter-displays can be increased by using other types of display. For example, a countertop spinner can be used to display a jewelry item. A countertop spinner can be a perfect solution for a counter display that sells jewelry. A countertop spinner can also be used for products such as scented candles, cosmetics, or even jewelry.

In short, counter display boxes are the perfect way to influence your customers’ purchasing decisions. 

Why Are Display Boxes Important For Your Business?

Custom counter displays boxes can boost brand awareness, marketing, and product exposure when designed perfectly. Displays are attractive Packaging that is present on countertops of stores. In addition, with customization options, you can create these boxes in different styles, sizes, and materials. Thus counter display boxes give marketers a lot of possibilities. 

Counter display boxes are a practical solution for your business to boost sales and sell products in stores. Moreover, Packaging has a significant impact on building brand image. 

High-quality Packaging protects your products and is a great way to make your name in the market. Moreover, appealing packaging styles make the unboxing experience exciting for the customers. 

In short, the best way to increase the sales of your goods is by investing in display packaging design. 

Below are some points that show the importance of custom counter display boxes in generating sales: 

A Great Marketing Tool

Counter display boxes wholesale are an ideal packaging solution for many products. In the same way, to differentiate your product from the competitors, use modern printing techniques. You can also add your logo, business name or a tagline to the boxes. Such elements help in providing your brand information to targeted customers. Moreover, you can also build your brand recognition with effective printing skills.

Highlight Your Brand 

There are numerous companies or brands present around us. You should add new features to your display boxes to differentiate among them. 

However, it is possible only if you know what your customers want from you. When you know about your buyers’ requirements, you can work accurately. Since Packaging is an essential part of every product, focus on adding something unique to your counter display boxes. In other words, Packaging will help your counter display boxes wholesale to stand out from the competition.

Few Tips On Designing Display Packaging Boxes

Let’s explore several ideas for creating an amazing custom counter display boxes:

Go For Customizable Options

Personalization is all about choosing creative designs, colors, or trendy styling in your work. But before you go for a custom counter display box, consider the styles that perfectly fit your product.

Above all, the customization helps in meeting the buyer’s demands. Whether you sell products online or in retail stores, always choose the suitable options for your products.

U Shaped Product Display

For counter displays, counter packaging is a must. These boxes are designed to showcase a product and protect it from damage while advertising it. When used correctly, counter display packaging can lead to impulse purchases and dramatic boosts in profits. To begin, think about the type of product you’ll be displaying. Standard counter displays consist of a box with an open top, but you can also get creative by choosing an unusual shape or color.

Refreshing Color Scheme

For attractive Packaging, colors always play a great role. In addition, when you are working on custom counter display boxes, always choose trendy color schemes.

Firstly, consider which kind of product you are creating. Secondly, go for an attractive color tone that attracts your consumers. According to studies, it has been proven that the colors of a product can influence buyers’ purchasing behavior. Hence, go for refreshing color schemes to make the first impression possible.

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Use Images And Graphics

By selecting appealing images and graphics, you can easily enhance the look of counter display boxes. Furthermore, innovative ideas and images increase the interest of the customers. Thus they will purchase those goods that have visual graphics on them.

Laminations And Finishes

Finishes and laminations can add more value to your custom counter display boxes. You can also use creative ideas to differentiate your products among market suppliers.

Above all, go for the appropriate finish to give your products a unique look. Following are some of the commonly used laminations:

  • Matt lamination 
  • Spot UV coating 
  • Glossy lamination
  • Scuff proof coating 
  • Soft-touch lamination and many more

Eco-friendly Printing Patterns

If you’re considering eco-friendly printing patterns for your custom counter display boxes, you’re in the right place. Counter display boxes are a convenient and easy way to showcase your products on a counter. Cardboard counter displays can be ordered with different styles, designs, and colors, and they make for an attractive display. Whether your business focuses on organic products or offers beauty products and other essentials, you’ll find a number of great printing patterns to suit your needs.

Use Attractive Inserts

When products look amazing, consumers are automatically attracted to them. It attracts more people, but it also plays a great role in making your products unforgettable.

For such purposes, inserts play an essential role. Inserts add more value to the product and work great in holding the products in place. However, some products must be more fragile, so consider using foam inserts. Moreover, you can also choose personalization inserts depending on the size and shape of the items. 

Last Words

Custom retail boxes are one the best packaging solutions to make your business more known in the industry. Furthermore, you could find these ideal display boxes at CustomBoxMarket.