5 Fashion tips for Kids that are easy yet Stylish!

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Millennial mommies, you want everything rocking and perfect, don’t you? Then how can you keep your kids wearing something that isn’t stylish and trendy? Spare us those excuses because we know even after being a busy bee, you do all you can to keep your kid looking impressive and attractive. And this isn’t mostly a difficult trend to follow. (We know you’d avoid that.) Because styling a kid for today’s mommy should be easy, less time consuming, extremely non-fussy and totally ritzy! And how do you plan to achieve such a look for your child? Well, you can follow Ishita Sharma on Myntra Studio or simply read on to get some stylish tips on kid’s fashion that are super easy too.

  • The coloured co-ord sets –Kids love colours and these vibrant shades on them as dresses look all the more alluring. You can make them look outstanding by dressing them in fabulous sets like the shirt with shorts, dungarees sets or simply the skin hugging jeggings for kids and trousers for boys with comfy tees. 


  • A pair of denim – Denim are styles that never go out dated. And no matter in what way the kids embrace this fashion, they make your child look stylish and charming. Have you seen Ishita Sharma on Myntra Studio making her son look super stylish in nude shaded trousers and a denim jacket? You would be surprised as to how coordinating anything with denim hardly takes any time yet brings mind blowing results. 


  • Cartoon or character themed tees – Does your child love cartoons and characters and is completely inspired by them? Then you can make them enjoy wearing their favourite characters. There are a range of such attractive themed t-shirts on the varied online and offline stores that you can choose from. Just like Ishita Sharma shows off her son wearing such a cute little Baby Shark t-shirt and even Spiderman themed tee and matched it with a comfortable bottom that made the little one look super stylish and hardly cost her much fuss and efforts to do so. You can create a similar style with your daughter when you dress her in a t-shirt or frock in Cinderella or Snow-White themed and pair it with cute socks and shoes. She will look really sweet and beautiful in these attire and you’ll know how easy it was to create that look! 


    • Keep it basic and comfortable – Another fashion tip that you’ll thank us for is to keep the style basic and comfortable. But yes, remember it should look fantastic too. Like, you can dress your daughter in a cotton pleated frock or middy in impressive shades and pair it with ankle-length socks and shoes. She will feel good and look perfect in this basic attire! For your son, choose a solid coloured polo or any t-shirt and match it with a three fourth pant with sandals to see the magnificent impact it creates on the onlookers.
  • Make way for ethnics –Ethnics are considered as the best way to style your kids while spending the least time in doing so. You get these attires readymade, and the kid would look adorable wearing it.

We know you’re already planning to search for these dresses for your child. Stock these up and see how your little one makes everyone woo towards them wearing those without much effort and time. 

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