5 golden rules for choosing comfortable high heels


How to choose shoes with heels?

fur heels, booties, or wedges, winter fashionistas will be resolutely perched. Here are some wise tips to ensure comfort and style for your feet this winter.

Can all women wear all types of heels?

A priori yes, even if women of a certain build will not necessarily be comfortable in shoes with fur heel boots. But in the end, wearing heels is above all a question of habit and comfort. But there is no contraindication to wearing 9 or 10 centimeter heels if you are comfortable

What criteria should you absolutely take into account when choosing your heeled shoes? 

Above all, stability. At the time of purchase, you must always put on both feet because you always have one foot stronger than the other and you are not immune to unpleasant surprises. It is also necessary to check if the arch of the foot is good: if the foot is too arched, it will be difficult to walk with ease. Afterwards, everything is a question of feeling: you have to feel good. 

Rule N ° 1: the right heel height for everyday use 

In addition, wearing these kinds of shoes on a daily basis damages the knees, ligaments and the spine in the long term. To avoid all this, the height of the heels should not exceed 4 centimeters. For more comfort and safety , you can also check the distance between the sole and the heel . This must be 6 centimeters in order to have a good posture from a point of view or thopedic

Rule N ° 2: the right heel height for outings 

It is customary to wear fur heel boots during important outings (parties, weddings, receptions…). However, the comfort problem remains in this kind of situation. That’s why it’s important to know the ideal heel height for you. To do this, you just need to measure your height and the length of your legs in centimeters and use the following formula: divide your height (in centimeters) over the length of your legs (in centimeters). Then, deduct from the result obtained 1.61 and to finish, multiply by 10 what you have left! This will give you the ideal heel height for your height .

It is also possible to measure the ideal height of your heels by measuring the distance between the heel of your foot and the arch of the foot . To do this, all you have to do is straighten your leg and take the measurement in question with your foot relaxed and not stretched out to a point. The number obtained represents your ideal heel height because it matches perfectly with the natural inclination of your foot .

Rule N ° 3: the right size 

In general, when buying shoes , we choose our exact size in order to be comfortable in them.. It is better to opt for one size larger than your usual size in order to be comfortable in your high heels . To prevent your feet from slipping in your shoes , add silicone soles  inside them.

Rule N ° 4: the right material  

When shopping for new heels , it is important to always choose natural materials such as suede or leather !

Why ? Quite simply because this kind of material adapts to the shape of your foot and prevents you from blisters and injuries unlike synthetic materials. If you find yourself with blisters on your feet, treat them fast and speed up healing from blisters on your feet  with these tips and natural remedies.

Rule N ° 5: the right form 

One of the parameters that is often overlooked is the shape of the shoe and that of the heel . The pointy toe shoe is one of the most painful forms of shoe to wear because it squeezes and deforms the toes . As for the heels  of your shoes, make sure to choose heels that form a right angle with the ground for maximum stability . You can go even further and choose heels thick enough to keep your balance smoothly.

These are the rules that will make your shopping for heels easier and prevent you from unfortunate purchases!