5 Must have apps for the Gen Y Professionals

India is on the verge of becoming the youngest country by 2020 with the median age of 29. As per the Forbes reports in 2017, India has more than 400 million Millennials. We are the generation which caters to the major part of the workforce in India but unlike the previous generation we are least bothered about our daily essentials, insurance plans and utilities. Still we ought to live life king size, right from the beginning of our professional career.

We have compiled a list of 5 applications which will help you in every way possible and make sure that you sit back, relax & live a completely hassle free life.

  1. PayTM

India’s most favourite payment app which has now grown into an online shopping mall as well as PayTM Bank. From your daily payments to buying all the major appliances, PayTM has become our go-to-app. Travel, Hotels, Cabs everything has come under the huge cloud of PayTM which has really made our lives a lot better and easier in many ways. The ever growing app had to feature in our list of the must have apps for the Gen Y professionals.

Available on: Android, iOS   I www.paytm.com

  1. OneAssist

Items that were considered luxury once upon a time, have now become an absolute necessities. Yes, we are talking about your home appliances without which it is difficult to even imagine your day- to day life. Hard to come back home after a long day’s work only to find that the AC isn’t cooling properly or that you would miss that exciting FIFA World Cup match cause your TV won’t turn on . HomeServ from OneAssist allows you to protect All your Home Appliances in just a single plan against any damages, breakdowns or other issues and covers upto 10 year old appliances. You can now literally stay in control of your Home in just a few taps.

Available on: Android, iOS   I  www.oneassist.in

3. OLX

Earlier it was really hard to let go of the things and adapt to the changes happening around you but nowadays we look for the changes and adapt really rapidly. OLX offers free local classifieds for everyone to sell the old items including computers, cell phones, furniture, sporting goods, services, cars, properties, and many more. OLX also offers a Win-Win exchange as they offer seamless purchase as well.

Available on: Android, iOS   I  www.olx.in

  1. Early Salary

Early Salary is a Mobile App based lending platform, which offers small amount, loans for 7 to 30 days to salaried individuals in real-time. These loans are similar to salary/cash advance or credit card cash withdrawals but are enabled with a technology which can review customer profiles in real-time. Using the EarlySalary mobile app, you can apply & get a loan/salary advance approval within 10 minutes and instantly get money transferred to your account.

Available on: Android, iOS   I  www.earlysalary.com

  1. Big Basket

Gone are the days to stand in the queue with a lot of crowd just waiting to finish your daily purchase of grocery. Every young household nowadays uses the easy and relaxed way of browsing and shopping online. With more than 18000 products from over 1000 brands give the liberty of choosing from the wide range and that too of great quality. Big Basket not only gives you the option to shop and get the order shipped at your doorstep but it also allows you to choose the time slot according to your convenience.

Available on: Android, iOS   I  www.bigbasket.com

Inputs by:

  • Saunak Ghosh, Chief Marketing Officer at OneAssist Consumer Solutions
  • Akshay Mehrotra, Co-Founder & CEO at EarlySalary


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