5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First RV 

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The first step towards living the RV life is getting yourself an RV. Though choosing your first RV might sound easy peasy, in reality, it can be a little overwhelming. As there are numerous options of RV available to choose from, you can quickly get confused. 

Whether you go for a 5th wheel trailer or a small class C RV, the decision should be based on your needs and interests. To help you in your RV hunt, here are five questions you need to ask yourself before buying your first RV.

It feels exciting to start your RV life, but are you prepared for it? Owning an RV can be an expensive affair, thanks to all the repairs and maintenance. 

Don’t forget the amount of fuel an average RV needs. You should purchase the RV only if you genuinely like to go camping and not just because you can afford it. 

What’s the use of owning it if you aren’t going to use it. Ask yourself whether your lifestyle allows you to spend some days away from your home and work. These questions will help you decide whether or not you should buy an RV.

  • What type of camping do you like?

In this modern age, camping has become a lifestyle choice. You need to ask yourself whether you like camping or glamping. Your choice dictates the type of RV you need to choose. 

If you prefer primitive camping, you might want to go for a pop tent. If glamping is something you desire, it makes more sense to go with an airstream or Class A.

  • How many people are going to camp?

The number of people travelling with you plays a crucial role in determining the size of your RV. You will need a class A or 5th wheel trailer to accommodate a family of more than four people comfortably. 

If you are just two people and want to start your buy First RV life with your partner, getting a small Class C RV will make more sense. They are compact and easy to park. They are a perfect option for two travellers. 

  • Do you plan to move a lot or stay in one place?

The type of RV you choose has to match your requirements. If you plan to stay at one place by parking your RV, you might need larger water tanks with more capacity and solar panels for power needs. You cannot keep your engine running constantly. It’ll surely burn a big hole in your pocket. 

On the other hand, if you plan to move around more, it makes sense for a compact RV that is easy to navigate through different terrains like cities, towns, hills, and also comes with off-road capabilities. Small RVs are also easy to park and take a lot less space.

  • Where do you want to camp?

The campgrounds are the most commonly used places for Refinancing an RV camping. Though there are numerous campgrounds around Australia, they are designed to accommodate smaller RVs. If you own a big rig, you might have limited options to travel and park your RV in such campgrounds.

As much as you like to create beautiful memories in your RV, consider the maintenance, running cost, parking space too. These questions will help you get a clear perspective while trying to decide whether or not you must buy an RV.