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5 Reasons Why Dubai Festival City Mall Is the Perfect Destination for Foodies

Dubai Festival City Mall

Every year, Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world. These past few years, the city has also been drawing a particular group of travellers from various parts of the globe: foodies.

The numerous cuisines, world-famous restaurant chains, variety of dining experiences, and renowned Michelin star chefs make Dubai a haven for food lovers.

The different culinary hotspots featuring the best restaurants in Dubai also make it easy for foodies to go on food crawls or simply enjoy as many meals or snacks as they can during their stay.

Dubai Festival City Mall: The City’s Go-To Dining Hotspot

Dubai has plenty of culinary hotspots spread across the city. However, Dubai Festival City Mall is home to one of the most fascinating food scenes in the emirate that foodies will love going here for various reasons.

If you’re wondering what Dubai Festival City Mall has to offer to foodies like yourself, below are the top reasons why it is now one of the emirate’s most popular go-to eating spots:

1. Variety of cuisines

One of the best things Dubai Festival City Mall has to offer to foodies is the variety of cuisines available.

You’ll find numerous restaurants and food stalls specialising in one or more cuisines in this mall.

These include:

●   American

If you want to indulge in some mouth-watering burgers, BBQs, steaks, stews, sweet pies, and cheesecakes, you can sink your teeth into these all-time favourite American foods at the Dubai Festival City Mall.

This mall features some of the most well-known and loved American restaurant chains in the world, such as Applebee’s, Famous Dave’s, Five Guys, Hard Rock Café, Rainforest Café, TGI Fridays, and The Cheesecake Factory.

You’ll definitely have your fill of your favourite comfort foods at any of these restaurants.

●  Chinese

Satisfy your cravings for noodles, dumplings, and other stir-fried dishes at one of the Chinese restaurants in Dubai Festival City Mall.

PF Chang’s is one of the most popular restaurants known for Chinese and Asian foods. Some of their crowd-pleasers include chicken noodle soup, chicken lettuce wraps, lo mein, and shrimp dumplings.

●  Indian

If you’re craving some Indian food, you won’t be disappointed by the selection you’ll find at Dubai Festival City’s retail, entertainment, and culinary hub.

Peppermill is one of the most popular restaurants in the city that offers more than the usual traditional Indian dishes. Its all-time favourite menu offerings include biryanis, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, and kadai paneer.

●   Italian

Italian is another popular go-to cuisine if you are looking for a hearty meal.

Eataly is one of the best Italian restaurants in Dubai. Their menu offerings include a variety of authentic Italian pasta, meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. They serve traditional Neapolitan pizza as well.

●  Lebanese

For your cravings for falafels, kibbeh, kafta, and other Lebanese food, head to Semson at Dubai Festival City Mall.

Aside from traditional Lebanese fare, you can enjoy different Lebanese sandwiches here, including chicken taouk sandwich and Lebanese beef fajita.

Zaatar w Zeit is another Lebanese restaurant you can visit if you’re looking for more Lebanon-inspired dishes.

●   Emirati

You can also explore authentic Emirati cuisine in Dubai Festival City’s premier mall in Al-Fanar, a popular Emirati restaurant in the UAE.

Al-Fanar’s menu features authentic Emirati breakfast staples offered all day and other traditional dishes, including harees, machboos, thereed, and shorbat.

Whatever cuisine you want to try, you’ll find them at Dubai Festival City Mall.

2. Different dining experiences.

The restaurants mentioned above offer casual dining experiences, which is great if you want to enjoy a relaxing, slow-paced meal in a fancy setting.

You’ll also find some upscale dining establishments in the mall for more formal dining experiences.

Since the mall is located in Dubai Festival City, you’ll also find other fine dining restaurants in the nearby hotels and buildings.

However, if you want fast food for whatever reason, you’ll also find them at Dubai Festival City Mall. The food court here is home to numerous stalls with exciting menu options.

For instance, if you’re looking for fast Chinese food, the Chinese Palace is your best option. Their popular menu items include spring rolls, beef noodle soup, and hot and sour soup.

If you’re in a rush, head to Vanelli’s, an Italian food stall serving fast, healthy Italian fare. They have a wide selection of pizzas, pastas, and freshly prepared salads.

Bombay Chowpatty will also satisfy your cravings for Indian food. Their biryanis, tandooris, mixed kebabs, and other vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings won’t disappoint you.

Well-known fast-food restaurant chains, including McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and Wendy’s, have branches here, too.

Additionally, the mall has several family-friendly restaurants, perfect for an enjoyable lunch or dinner with your family, even if you have young kids.

3. Several cafes

If you want to sip your favourite hot or cold brew in a quiet, less busy place, you’ll have several cafes to choose from in Dubai Festival City Mall.

The coffeehouses in this mall range from well-known international chains to local favourites. These include:

  • Caffe Nero
  • Cinnabon
  • Starbucks
  • Maras Turka Café
  • PappaRoti Café
  • The Climbing Goat

Aside from coffee and tea, you can enjoy other beverages, such as milkshakes and smoothies, in these cafes.

Moreover, you’ll have your fill of delicious pastries as you sip your choice of brew, read a book or browse through your social media accounts.

4. Wide selection of sweet offerings.

With its many bakeries, pastry shops, and cafes, satisfying your sweet tooth is easy at Dubai Festival City Mall.

Whether you’re hankering for cakes, cookies, doughnuts, brownies, or pies, you’ll find a great selection at this mall.

There are plenty of specialty desserts you can enjoy here, including coffee buns, souffles, and Belgian waffles.

If you want cold desserts, you’ll have different ice cream flavours and creations to choose from. You can even try snowflake desserts, a cool, refreshing treat popular in Japan and South Korea.

5. Waterfront dining

Lastly, Dubai Festival City Mall has a stunning outdoor dining area overlooking the Dubai Creek: Festival Bay Dining.

This dining hotspot is home to different restaurants, including Al-Fanar, Chili’s, Nando’s, and Semson. You’ll have several options to choose from when you come here for your meal.

While enjoying your food, you’ll have fantastic views of the Dubai Creek and skyline, making your meal even more memorable.

If you have dinner at the Festival Bay Dining area, you’ll also get the chance to watch IMAGINE, Dubai’s award-winning multisensory laser, light, and fountain show. It’s another attraction worth seeing at Dubai Festival City Mall.

Whether you’re on a culinary trip in Dubai or a local foodie, make Dubai Festival City Mall your destination to enjoy great food and a variety of dining experiences.

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