5 Reasons Why You Should Buy An E-Bike

Jennifer Betts 0

Have you asked yourself the question “why should I buy an e-bike?” and you really didn’t have a concrete answer? Maybe you’re a car owner or a motorcycle owner yourself, and you just said to yourself “I don’t need this anyway.”

Well, you may not really need an e-bike if you already have your own transport options. But there are several benefits and good reasons as to why you should own an e-bike, despite having a car or motorcycle, or even if you don’t have anything at all.

In this article, we will show you 5 reasons why you should buy and own an e-bike. Read on! 

Low Cost 

Price is probably the most important concern when buying an e-bike, especially if you already own a car or a motorcycle. You would most likely say to yourself “why would I need an e-bike if I already have a car or a motorcycle”.

That’s actually a legitimate concern since e-bikes are actually expensive. Yes, way more expensive than traditional bikes. Other people are also asking if replacement parts are cheap, or if there are registrations and insurance required. 

The good thing about e-bikes is, despite their initial cost, that their prices are gradually coming down thanks to battery technologies getting improved, and of course, to the increasing demand for e-bikes in the market.

Much of the money you’re paying for an e-bike really goes for the pedal-assist technology that assists your raw physical power so you can travel more and do more with an e-bike in comparison with a traditional bike. 

And let’s be honest, e-bikes are significantly cheaper than owning a car or a motorcycle. An e-bike’s replacement parts are cheaper too and they are easy to find. Plus, you can install the parts yourself if you know your electronics very well.


When we talk about e-bikes, the word eco-friendliness shouldn’t be left out since it’s one of the main reasons why it’s a good buy; especially for people who want to help the environment by cutting down on their personal carbon footprint. 

Compared to your ICE car or motorcycle, an e-bike is electricity-powered and not fossil fuel-powered. With this in mind, an e-bike would not burn fuel and release carbon dioxide and smoke in the air which contributes to city-wide smogs (smoke fog) and global warming. 

An e-bike can be as mobile as a car or a motorcycle, without the harmful byproducts ICEs produce and release into the air. Plus, e-bikes are smaller and don’t need as many raw materials as an electric car would need during production. 

An e-bike also doesn’t need larger batteries than an electric car would need. These things point out that e-bikes are more eco-friendly than electric cars, apart from e-bikes being cheaper, easy to maintain, and more mobile. 

Excellent Mobility

E-bikes have excellent mobility, thanks to the power of the motor in pedal-assist technology, as well as an e-bike’s small size, giving them versatile mobility in urban or even in offroad landscapes.

With traditional bikes, mobility is limited since it is dependent on the physical endurance of the user who pedals non-stop to reach point B from point A. And since many people are not physically trained to cycle non-stop for several miles, someone with a traditional bike won’t fare well against someone with an e-bike. 

With e-bikes, you can cover more distance than a traditional bike, and you can certainly go to places a car or a motorcycle can’t. Places such as forests, mountain ranges, and even tight alleyways are no match with an e-bike, provided you mind your movements so you can keep yourself safe. 

Low Maintenance

E-bikes are low-maintenance vehicles and it’s something almost anyone would love. After all, maintenance works are often something that can become a hassle since you’re dealing with complex machinery.

The difference is, e-bikes are notoriously easy to maintain compared to cars and motorcycles. Just like conventional bikes you just need to check the chains if they work well and check the handlebars, brakes, sprockets, and every moving part.

Aside from the mechanical parts, the electrical parts such as the electric motor and the battery pack don’t need complex maintenance work, and if they happen to need one, it’s a fairly easy task if you study the e-bike’s parts. 

If you happen to be a qualified electronics technician, then you can save more money in the long run since you don’t need to pay for the service. However, you need to buy replacement parts but they’re easy to search for.

And if you can’t find a replacement part for your particular e-bike you can search online and search for the respective parts then you can either go to the store and pick up the part or you can always have the parts delivered straight to your doorstep.

Now, that’s something we call low maintenance and cheap maintenance without much hassle.

Less Traffic 

Let’s face it, traffic is a horrible thing. But with e-bikes, this is just a piece of cake to handle. Although bike lanes might get clogged up at times since cars block the lane, bike lanes are almost 90% free of traffic.

E-bikes are easy to maneuver, especially in traffic jams. If you happen to ask why, it’s actually because e-bikes are smaller in size and they can fit in the traffic gaps that cars leave open. What’s more is that cars take up space, and that’s an indisputable fact.  

E-bikes take up significantly less space, and as such, don’t contribute to major traffic jams. E-bikes can effortlessly skim right through and penetrate massive traffic jams, so you can get ahead of them and quickly get to your destination.

However, we don’t recommend skimming right through traffic especially if it’s too tight. It’s important to prioritize your safety, especially if you’re on a major road. This is commonly known as lane splitting and it is dangerous if the rows of vehicles are too near to each other.

It’s better for traffic to die down and wait for the opportunity when the bike lane has been freed up.