5 simple hairstyles for your formal look

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A universal truth, girls have a lot of events to dress up for, and a bigger truth, they don’t look for events to dress up; But dressing up isn’t just enough, all the girls can agree that the hair has to look good too. Hairstyles can either make or break your look, and picking the perfect hairstyle for the perfect event seems next to impossible. But do not worry, we’ve brought to you 5 simple hairstyles you can wear to give you a formal look. 

  1. Low bun 

A low bun is the most simple hairstyle to achieve, and it is the best when you are in a rush. Following are the steps you can follow to achieve a low bun-

  • Brush your hair to remove all the tangles. 
  • Get loose curls by using a curling iron. This is an exception, you can also go with natural hair.
  • Gather all of the hair, and wrap them like a low ponytail behind your neck.
  • Twist the ponytail and wrap it around itself to achieve a bun. 
  • Remove out bangs and smaller hair to make it look messy.

Loosen your low bun to get a messy look, and remove some of the bangs and strays to look even more elegant. 

2. Fluffy and messy fishtail

A fishtail looks best with anything and is the most comfortable & simple hairstyle. To achieve a fluffy and messy fishtail, follow these steps-

  • Brush your hair into a low ponytail 
  • Make three parts of your hair
  • Braid the hair into a fishtail 
  • Pull out parts of your fishtail to get a fluffy and messy look
  • Add accessories if desired.
  • You can also remove bangs (if any) to give it an elegant touch.

3. Half ponytail-

To achieve a perfect high half ponytail, follow these steps-

  • Brush your hair and create a middle partition 
  • Pull out hair from the front end of your head and extend it to the back such that they are equally produced. 
  • Tie that hair into a ponytail.
  • You can also add a clip if desired or go with a simple hair rubber band.

4. French neat bun 

French neat bun looks the best on formal wear. To achieve this look, follow these steps-

  • Brush your hair into a ponytail 
  • Tie your hair into a low ponytail with an elastic band.
  • Pick up a portion of your ponytail and cross it over the bun 
  • Do the same for the other portion, and you’re done!

5. Simple curls

To achieve simple curls, follow these steps-

  • Brush your hair
  • Use a curling iron to get crisp curls. 
  • Brush your hair again to get a clean and classy look. 
  • You can either tie your hair into a ponytail to get a curly ponytail or you can leave your hair open. 
  • Curling your bangs will make them look voluminous and gorgeous.

These are a few hairstyles to achieve when you have a formal event or at the office. These simple hairstyles can be done easily and in a few minutes. Do try these simple hairstyles to look your best at a formal event or even an office!