5 Steps To Inflate Car Tires At Home (Guide)

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Now the time is gone when people used to go to an air pump station or gas station to inflate their car tires. Now people can inflate their car tires by using tire pressure in their own homes and save valuable time. Here’s how you can see the different types of tires on the market that we recommend to you (Top and Best Car Tire Inflators).


When you use a car tire, you are able to maintain your tire pressure and inflate it when needed. But the question remains, how to inflate car tires at home? Don’t worry we will show you here in 6 steps on how to use an air compressor to fill car tires.


Why Is Tire Pressure Important?

There are many reasons to use a car tire inflator that will prompt you to go for a car tire. Not only does it save you time reach to a gas station or tire pressure station but it also prolongs the life of the tire, greatly helping in saving fuel efficiency.

And it is a very important part of regular maintenance of your car as well as reducing the risk of accidents.

Because if the tire pressure of your car is correct then it reduces the chances of tire friction. For this you do not need to go anywhere, you can measure your tire pressure at your home through a tire pressure gauge and inflate it when needed.

How To Use An Air Compressor To Inflate Tires? (5 Steps)

Now we are going to talk about how to use tire pressure properly in 5 steps.

#1. Buy a Pressure Gauge

In order to inflate your car tire and measure it correctly, it is necessary to have a pressure gauge. You can get the best tire pressure gauge from the online market or from a local store which can be available between $5 to $30.

The three types of pressure gauges you can find like pencil, dial, and digital. We would advise you to go towards Distal Tire Pressure as it is considered better to give accurate pressure.


#2. Check Your Tire Pressure

Before inflating the car tire, it is important to check the current pressure in the tire of your car. You can check the pressure with a tire pressure gauge, for this you need to remove the valve stem cap on the tire of the car and hold the valve stem with the open end.


You should hold it firmly so that it can read the pressure well. And then you can check what is the current pressure of your car tire accordingly you will move to the next step.


#3. Figure Out How Much Air You Need

Before inflating your car tire, it’s time to do a tire air test. Car tire pressure is usually between 30 to 35 PSI however if you have a bigger vehicle like a truck then its pressure may be different.


You should check your car tire pressure at least monthly and at a time when your car tires are cold. When you put the tire pressure gauge in the cup of your car tire, you get accurate pressure through the tire pressure gauge which can remove the lack of tire pressure in your car.


#4. Make Sure Your Tires Are Cold

In normal usage, whenever you are inflating the tire of your car, then you should pay attention that your car has been parked for at least 5 hours and your tires are cold. When we use the car, then its tire temperature is increased, so the unit of the pressure of the car increases by 1-2 units.


That’s why you should make sure that your tires are cold before inflating your car tires. And when you buy a car tire inflator, it is also mentioned in the manual that cold air pressure.


#5. Inflate Your Car Tires

Now it’s time to inflate your car tires and you are ready. If you are using an air compressor to fill car tires then it does not demand high PSI. Tire inflators are generally easier to use than air compressors and are also cheaper.

Now you should turn on the tire inflator by holding the power button and fitting the air nozzle into the cup of the tire and then after setting the right PSI you are now ready to inflate your car tires.

You have heard that there is a hissing sound in the inflator of the tire, which means your inflator is running. Many types of tire inflators offer an automatic shut-off feature that automatically shuts off once reach PSI that you set.

Because if you are inflating tires at night, then it not only has an LED light but also has an automatic shut-off so that you do not have to keep an eye on the car tire all the time. This type of car inflator is considered to be of high quality which we recommend to the car rider to get.


How Long Will My Tires Take to Inflate?

There are various types of tire inflators available in the market with different features, strengths, and different claims. If you inflate your car tire with a better tire inflator and your car tire pressure is 5-6 psi less then it may take about 20 to 30 seconds to inflate. But if your car is completely flat then it may take at least 2-4 minutes to inflate it.


Car tire inflator contributes a lot to the smooth running of your car. Now that you know your options, you’re all set to inflate your car’s tires. Not only will this save you money, but you can inflate your car tires at home instead of waiting in line this growing time.

We hope you are ready to buy a tire inflator to inflate your car tires at home. If and ready to free yourself from the hassle you no longer need to go to the gas station or tire inflator station to inflate the tires.

We hope after reading this post your query will be finished that how to use a tire inflator with a gauge. And we also hope this post will add value to your life and we are very happy to share this post with you.