5 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of QuickBooks

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Developed by Intuit, QuickBooks is one of the earth’s premier accounting software packages. QB Desktop runs locally on your laptop and even has access to several cloud-based features. Also, the users can work on multiple files at the same time and from any location on their Windows 10 Cloud PC with just an internet connection. Aiming at small and medium business owners, QB brings to them the power of complete and autonomous accountancy that can be done with relative ease. 

 Here we discuss the 5 awesome tips that are bound to make your QuickBooks experience a much better one:

  • Customize the Icon Bar:

QuickBooks comes with an icon bar at the lid of the screen. Adding, removing, or modifying icons as per your needs is super easy.

  • Adding an Icon: Go to View-> Customize Icon Bar-> Click Add. Choose the item you would like from the list and then click OK.
  • Removing an Icon: Go to View->Customize Icon Bar. Choose the icon you like to be removed and click Delete.
  • Modifying an Icon: Go to View->Customize Icon Bar. Choose the icon you want to change and click Edit. Make whatever changes you feel like making and then click OK to confirm the modifications.

The Customize Icon Bar window even allows you to change other aspects of the icon bar. 

  • Make use of keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboards Shortcuts are great. Using these is attached to ease up the extensive accounting you will be doing on it. 

Ctrl-I: Create an invoice

Ctrl-E: Edit the transaction selected in the register

Ctrl-F: Find the transaction

Ctrl-J: Open Customer Center

Ctrl-M: Remember transaction or report

Ctrl-N: Latest invoice, bill, check, or list item in context

Ctrl (While opening): Start QuickBooks without a company file

  • Choose cloud hosting for your QuickBooks software:

Using the cloud for data hosting has become a tendency that almost all businesses of all sizes are employing. While you can readily have all your data stored on-premise while using QuickBooks, the benefits of hosting it on the cloud are many.

If you opt for QuickBooks hosting, you get lots of goodies. With cloud hosting you get remote access, multi-user access, safe backups, enhanced security, and no purchasing of expensive IT infrastructure. If you haven’t done it already, change it out to the cloud whenever you can. The opportunities it offers are endless.

  • Get Add-On apps for QuickBooks:

Even though QB is a highly versatile tool for accounting, there still are plenty of things it can’t do for you. You can use add-ons to pay your employees and file payroll taxes, accept online and mobile payments, manage inventory in multiple locations, to get financing for your business requirements, there’s a long checklist of these add-ons and all of them are awesome.

  • Use the Internet to solve problems:

Using QuickBooks may get in over your head particularly if you are neither a techy nor an accountant. A simple Google search will probably get you your solution, but in case you are facing a unique problem, you can just post your problem in a detailed manner in one of the various forums that deal with QB.


QuickBooks is highly comprehensive and heavily detailed software. Hosting providers like Apps4Rent are superior in providing a wide variety of cloud solutions. They also provide support for products like Issabel pbx and will assist you in choosing the right version of QuickBooks according to your business needs.

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