5 Tips to Save on Car Insurance Cost

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Purchasing a new vehicle is a capital-intensive investment, and many people put much effort into it. Often, people go out of their way to get the best make, brand, and even the most affordable one or something with a reasonable financing rate. However, only a few buyers put the same effort into insurance for their new vehicle.  

​​It can be very expensive, until you know the how you can reduce the costs!

There are many different ways that you can save on the cost of the car insurance, from knowing what car to choose, to finding the right policy for their needs – from provisional to full licence. We’ve taken a look at the best ways to save money on car insurance for young drivers.

Many things affect insurance coverage, like the model and type of vehicle, place of abode, and the courses you have taken as a driver. However, with a bit of diligence, one can get the best car insurance coverage to take care of one’s needs without paying through the nose. Saving money is easy if you research various coverage and discounts, alongside several other tips.  Have a look at such surprising automobile insurance money-saving techniques and see how much additional you can save and opt for affordable car insurance.

This article will explore strategies to help get the best deal for everyone who wants to save on car insurance costs. Here are five tips to get on the right track: 

Consider a Different Car 

This point is only valid if you are yet to buy your car. Insurance companies have the resources to deduce which vehicle models, colors, and make do have a high probability of an accident, which will lead to an insurance claim.  

A survey according to NewdWallet revealed that sport utility vehicles (big and non-flashy) are usually the cheapest in terms of insurance. As a result, your premium will be high for people with flashy cars that will probably attract thieves or burglars. Also, a sports car with incredible horsepower has a high probability of an accident. 

So, if you have not gotten your vehicle, and you don’t want insurance to eat a large chunk of your money, rule out some makes and models. Ideally, you want to stick to simple car models as they are less insurance cost.   

Ask Around for Car Insurance 

Insurance companies do not have a uniform price, so it makes financial sense to shop around. By shopping around, you might even get the best car insurance discounts. Try asking firms that sell via their agents, independent agents, and those who sell to customers directly over the phone. Consider getting nothing less than three quotes from various insurance companies.   

Educate yourself well on auto insurance such that you will be able to ask relevant questions. Considering that you will rely on your insurance agency if you need to make a claim, they should be able to answer you to your satisfaction. Recommendations from relatives and friends might also help, but you will decide, so research the company before sticking to them.  

However, the lowest price might not be the cheapest or best option. Go with a reputable company with high-quality service that will meet your needs.  Here are some pf the suggestions to help you save money on insurance without sacrificing quality in the process.

Usage-based Insurance for People who don’t drive Much 

Pay-per-mile or usage-based insurance is a terrific choice for people who want to reduce their car insurance costs. However, such people will have their driving behavior tracked as there will be an app or the installation of a device that will send various data to the insurance firm.  

This is available by some agencies in selected states. One pays a base rate alongside a per-mile rate, making it a good option for people who drive short distances and don’t commute every day. 

You will get low rates and discounts for safe driving. However, this is not for everyone because you will likely pay more if judged to be an unsafe driver. Also, note that driving behaviors like speeding, hard braking, etc., will be tracked. So, you should know the behaviors your insurance company monitors and how it affects your rate before you sign up.  

Explore Reduced Coverage for Old Vehicles  

Old vehicles need not be insured the same way a new hybrid car. As a result, consider getting rid of comprehensive coverage or collision coverage for your car if it is old. Such coverage takes care of damages to your car.  

However, consider your car’s value and the insurance cost before dropping the coverage advised above. According to opinions from some experts, if your car’s worth is ten times less than the annual premium, it is safe to ignore the premium for such a vehicle.   

As a result, consider someone whose annual premium is $2,000; the car should be worth more than $20,000. However, if the vehicle is worth less than $20,000, reducing insurance coverage for such a car makes financial sense.  

Bundle Your Coverage  

Another incredible and effective way to save money on your car insurance is to bundle it with other coverages. You should be able to bundle your car insurance with your renters or homeowner insurance policy. One might also be able to add additional policies like life insurance to the bundle.  

This process will likely save you up to 10% of your entire policy if you combine your auto and home insurance policy. For families where two or more people drive, consider a multi-policy coverage package for drivers and insurance, as it can save you a lot.  

However, don’t forget that bundling is only applicable for people getting the necessary coverage from their car or home insurance. In the long run, bundling your coverage might not be suitable if any components do not provide the needed coverage at the ideal price.  


It makes financial sense to look for ways to save on your car insurance cost. If you are willing to pay the price of due diligence and optimum research, you will likely get a reasonable car insurance cost within your budget.