5 ways that coworking spaces are changing the future of work

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Co-working or shared office space is the future of the work culture. Investing in bricks and mortar is no longer a feasible option. Today, business owners would much rather invest their capital smartly in resourceful people. Pandemic has also changed our work culture drastically and has shown new ways to do our work more effectively. Coworking allows us to work collaboratively and efficiently. This provides an opportunity to work with all kinds of industries and professionals under one roof which one usually doesn’t experience in a traditional office. Also provides networking opportunities along with creating inspiring, innovative, dynamic, and collaborative workplaces.

Here are 6 main ways in which coworking spaces are changing the future of work:


The pandemic has brought many challenges to the way companies perform their day-to-day activities; a situation to which companies have to adapt rapidly. As we’re slowly witnessing restrictions ease on COVID-19, we need to plan for the phased return to work. With post-pandemic back-to-office plans, the new norm is to help businesses operate and manage the health and safety of the employees along with flexible working schedules.

Traditional office culture can become obsolete in the current scenario. In fact, furnished office space can implement social distancing within offices. Flexibility in the workplace includes non-conventional options provided by coworking centers to run the businesses with flexible lease or rent terms while also ensuring the safety of their employees in controlled spaces. Many are favoring flexible office space providers who allow them to forgo the long-term commitments without any rigid leases while offering the in-person appeal of traditional private offices.

Having a fully serviced or managed office allows businesses to actively respond to the changes in the economy and the evolving work culture.

Fit for any size office:

Accommodating the same number of employees as companies used to do is no longer possible nowadays. Having an operational infrastructure or restructuring the existing office space can drain all the capital a business has. Instead, a company should focus on its bottom line and operate hyper efficiently and productively.

Office workspace providers are here to provide flexibility and adaptable plug-and-play offices. In fact, the coworking centers are well-equipped to respond quicker and more efficiently to any changes, be it upscaling or downsizing your company or opening up another office in a different city. Business centers with a range of spaces on offer, along with flexible office space providers can cater to the specific business requirements of companies. Coworking space in Bangalore offers everything a company or a freelancer or any kind of professional would need at the ready, optimized for productivity.

Revamping the work culture

With employees coming back to the office after a gap of almost two years, companies need to have a secured physical infrastructure for their employees to come together. Having a physical workspace or business address at a prime location not only helps companies to have a strong market presence or to conduct meetings but also helps to serve as a single point of connection and collaboration for employees and clients. A service that the shared office space providers can offer, that too in a city of your choice.

Business centers and office space providers offer workspaces built on community, values, culture and a sense of connection. Having a coworking desk with other professionals can be a major benefit for the businesses and can help to rebuild the company culture post-COVID-19.

Helps redesign business goals

Adapting to new operations and technology, workspace providers offer entrepreneurs virtual offices as well as coworking or serviced offices that are built to suit. With the choice of virtual or in-person meetings, the human-centric working environment of a coworking office space helps to align with your changing business objectives. Whether you have expansion or renewal of workspace or if you are upgrading or downgrading your company, a coworking office space takes your administrative and operational hassles away and lets you focus on your productivity.

Future-ready coworking desks:

Businesses have to plan their future knowing the capital expenses to own a business space or lease an office. By minimizing non-essentials like having a traditional office space, companies can focus on core operations, reduce financial risk and optimize their allocated budget accordingly. Furnished office space providers are the key that holds the future of flex and ultimate success of a business, especially while bouncing back from the pandemic.

In a nutshell

Summing up, it can be said that shared workplaces are changing the landscape of offices. As we have known up till now. From providing the right ambiance to offering a physical address at prime business hubs to giving a well-equipped fully serviced and managed office, coworking office spaces are preferred by many over traditional offices. With that being said, the leading workspace provider iKeva is a one-stop solution to all your specific business needs related to coworking spaces, virtual offices, and serviced offices. With its presence across prime business hubs in three major Indian cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai, it is one of the best workspaces to explore the possibilities of your business objectives.