5 Ways to Enjoy a Clean-Cut Shave

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If there is one thing that does not go out of style, it is enjoying a clean shave. Sure, having a beard can be a novelty for a while. You might also enjoy the rugged look with some stubble for a few months. But, being clean-shaven makes you feel masculine, smart and confident.

Achieving a clean-cut shave is something that takes some practice, preparation and the right tools. Here are five ways to ensure a clean-cut shave and feel your best.

Use Hot Water First

The first thing you need to do is have a hot shower. Often, this is part of a man’s daily routine anyway, and this is going to be nothing out of the ordinary. But, if you do not want to have a shower, this does not mean that you skip this step. It is necessary to wash your face with hot water if you want a clean shave.

There are two ideas behind this step. First, if you have facial hair, the hot water is going to soften it and get it ready to be shaved off. Alternatively, it is going to wet the skin and get it ready for a blade. Either way, this is an important step. It will also get rid of any dirt that is present on the skin.

Use a Straight Razor

Do you find that your skin is red after shaving, or is there still stubble left? This can happen when you do not use the best razor. Perhaps it is time for a change and to use a new shaving tool that will deliver better results for you. We are talking about using a straight razor.

A straight razor is often used at barber shops, and it is now becoming more popular with men using them at home. The sharp blade is able to get closer to the skin to remove hair, as well as take the hair away in fewer passes. You can purchase a straight razor from Cut Throat Club. This brand offers quality products, as well as different accessories to go with them. Indeed, you can enjoy a clean-cut shave.

Always Apply Shaving Cream or Soap

The next part should be applying shaving cream or soap everywhere you are going to be shaving. This should be done so that there is a lather, and this will be protective over the skin. It is also going to make shaving a lot easier, with the blade able to glide over nicely. What’s more, you can prevent cutting yourself and there being irritation on your skin.

Make sure you look for shaving cream or soap that is suitable for your skin. This will ensure that you do not break out and suffer from sensitivity. There are a lot of options out there and you can also select a scent you like.

Rinse With Cold Water

After you have used a straight razor, you will want to splash your face with cold water. Of course, this is going to remove any shaving cream that is left over on the skin. But, the cold water is also going to close the pores. It can even help to reduce any inflammation that might be present from having a blade on your skin. Plus, it can stop small nicks from becoming red and itchy.

Therefore, do not skip this step. You will want to lightly splash cold water onto your face. You should pat the skin with your hands and make sure that you cover all of the area that has been shaved. This small step can make a big difference.

Apply Aftershave Cream

The last part to achieving a clean-cut shave is to use an aftershave cream. This is going to hydrate the skin and calm it down after the process of using a straight razor. What’s more, it can make the skin feel soft and add a nice shine to the skin. Indeed, it will feel good and look great.

What’s more, there are many aftershave creams and gels that smell good. So, if you are going out on a date or even just have a long day ahead of you, it is going to make a difference having a nice fragrance.