6 Best Reliable Bulk SMS Providers In India

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Today’s marketing system has changed and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of the digital era. However, the fastest-growing technology is on its next level to provide incredible advantages to businesses and as well as general people also. bulk sms provider in india, every city has thousands of businesses and they are looking for a platform to market their business’s products and services. But they avoid choosing all the mass communication channels because they are expensive or some of the businesses do not require all these mass communication channels. However, these mass communication channels are so expensive and do not have the targeted audience to disseminate a piece of information about a company’s products and services. 

So, seeing all these issues in market bulk SMS has come as the best and fastest way to market a product and service. This service of bulk SMS has helped thousands of businesses in the developed countries of the world. India is in the queue to have all these services or the technology to bring new changes in the Indian markets. 

Below we have mentioned the top bulk SMS service providers that are pioneers and top service providers in India to market a company’s products and services in the market. 

GetItSMS is a reliable bulk SMS in Bangalore and comes on the top of our list for providing its services of bulk SMS to clients all over the country. Yet the company has provided its services in the top metro cities of India such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Jaipur and other cities. IF you come to see the experience of the company this has got a good hand in providing its best services for the last 11 years. The company has 95000+ clients that are taking advantage of bulk SMS. Bangalore has been its main city to provide its services to the clients in India, now this company has provided its services in all the cities of India. The services of bulk SMS from this company are one of the trusted services. The Team of GetItSMS has changed the way they work and the team is dedicated to supporting its clients all the time. The services of bulk SMS are inexpensive and fit customers, any business can afford the service of bulk SMS from this service provider. However, the company has quality services that you will feel when visiting the site of GetItSMS. Get a quality, feel a quality of marketing your products and services with this company. 

  • EasyWaySMS

This company comes on the second number in our list that is providing its services of bulk SMS in India. However, the service of bulk SMS is one of the best services as the company has created its image in the public by giving its best service yet. They are offering the cheapest Whatsapp SMS services which are from only 8P Per SMS, which will fit your business requirements. However, EasyWaySMS is providing 5 lakh WhatsApp SMS for Rs 50000 and moreover as per the business requirements 10 lakh Whatsapp SMS in Rs 80000. 

The prices are shocking and let you fall in to buy this service for your business immediately. Moreover, the services of bulk SMS from EasyWaySMS are trusted and complete. Which will help you to promote your business’s services and products using its single-window solution.

  • Textlocal

Textlocal is another service provider in India that is providing its services to clients in a better way. Moreover, when you come to know more about the company this has good services that will benefit your business in many ways to meet your targeted audience. When you spend on your business to have services of bulk SMS with this company you come to see a return on your investment (ROI) all time.

The company is one of the biggest brands that will fulfil all your business requirements. When you visit the website of Textlocal you feel the quality that they will give you. 

  • BhashSMS

The bulk SMS service provider in the country is one of the best service providers that is availing the businesses and individuals with bulk SMS services. However, the services of bulk SMS with BhashSMS will give you satisfaction to have its services all the time. Still, the company is providing its services to customers all over the country and creating a positive image of it all the time to let the business meet its targeted audience.

As a business, if you are looking for marketing services to promote your business’s services and products with this company, that will be your good decision. However, the services of bulk SMS have been its best service all the time and the company has got a good hand in providing its services till now. 

  • 99SMSService

The name is popular for having the services of marketing like bulk SMS. Still, now, the company has given its best services to the customers in almost all the cities of the country. You must be looking for such services that can help you to meet your targeted audience that is looking for your services and products online. If you are a business in any corner of the country the services of bulk SMS will help you in so many ways to have a return on your investments. 99SMS Service is one of the best service providers that has joined hands with the businesses to avail them with its best services all the time.

You must be looking for 99SMS Service by visiting its website they are offering best offers all the time. If you are looking for a service of bulk SMS you can communicate with the company free of mind always. The services from this bulk SMS provider are proper, complete and trusted. 

  • TheWorldText

This company is also known as TWT. However, the services that you choose have for your business’s marketing. You choose one of the best service providers all the time and one that fits your business needs. TheWorldText is one of them that will provide you with its best services all the time. As per the internet analyses, TWT is one of the top service providers in marketing a business’s products and services. Still, the company is working on its services to provide its clients with a good user experience.

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The company is offering the best offers on the services of bulk SMS every day which will grab your attention to have the service for your business. However, the company has worked with big names and still provides its services to its clients. The brands TWT has given its services are HP, Kissan Catchup, Excite, Toyota, JSW, Kwality Wall’s, Havells, Eicher, Aditya Birla Group, Taj and other big names are being part of this service provider. All these names have made the company one of the best service providers in the country and still, it is giving its services to others as well also reading loan agreement sample.


Bulk SMS service is one of the affordable services in the market to promote a business. If you are a business and looking for the best service providers that can fulfil all your requirements, therefore, we have given our readers the best and complete service providers that come on the top in bulk SMS.