6 Leather Shoes Care Tips to Retain Their Quality and Increase Durability

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The footwear industry is an ever-growing one, with new trends flowing in every single day. The constant changes are often something everyone wants to get behind as they come and go. However, no good footwear collection can be built solely on the latest trends; timeless pieces are just too important, and nothing fits the part better than leather shoes. The history of leather shoes being invented dates back to thousands of years ago and, since then, have evolved to become an inseparable part of high fashion. The reason behind the popularity of leather shoes has always been about more than just style – leather is one of the most durable materials available in the market.


Genuine leather is considered to be an exotic material made from the skin of many different animals. One of its most remarkable qualities is that when taken proper care of, your leather shoes will last you a lifetime. So, here are 6 tips you can use to increase your leather shoes’ durability:


  1. Regular Cleaning: Remember to clean your shoes after each wear with a dry, soft bristle brush made from organic materials. After this, take a soft, damp cloth and gently wipe off all the dirt. Wipe it with a dry cloth for additional safety and store it in a dry place, away from heat to avoid hardening the leather.


  1. Avoid Bad Weather: While you can definitely use your leather shoes regularly, try not to use them in bad weather conditions. When put into contact with water for a long amount of time, water seeps into the material and causes cracks to emerge. 


  1. Waterproofing: If you do happen to have a requirement of using leather shoes regularly in racing situations, remember to waterproof them. You can either go for the wax option, which only needs to be done once a year or spray products, which will require a seasonal application. Moreover, vessi can be a great help in this regard.


  1. Condition and Moisturise: Many great leather conditions and moisturisersz are available in the market, don’t forget to get a few. Leather conditioners keep the leather from hardening and cracking; they keep the material as soft and fresh as ever. Apply the product with a clean brush and allow it to air dry.


  1. Storage: When your leather shoes are not in use, it’s best not to leave them lying around to come in contact with dirt and dust particles. This can cause the material to stain and eventually degrade, so when not in use, store leather shoes in a dust bag.


  1. Shoe Tree: Leather can be an absorbent material, so when left out for some days, it will absorb moisture from its surroundings, and the material will rot. You can avoid this by always placing a shoe tree inside your shoes; it absorbs all the moisture, keeping your shoes clean and dry. It also helps maintain their shape.


With the above tips, you can retain your leather shoes’s quality and use them for a long, long time. Leather shoes are absolutely worth it in all aspects of footwear so if you don’t own some already, start shopping Myntra’s extensive collection of the best pieces!