6 New Skincare Options and Trends to Watch

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It’s safe to say that the recent pandemic changed how we do a lot of things. From the way we work to the way we shop, the last two years have revolutionized our mindsets. Why shouldn’t the same be true of our approach to skincare?

In Q2 of this year alone, skincare sales hit $1.5 billion dollars, which is a year-over-year gain of 32%. Now more than ever, we’re concerned with the right easy treatments to get the perfect glow to our skin.

The same will hold true in the coming year—but we’ll have many more skincare options to choose from! Let’s take a quick look at some of the most interesting skincare treatments and trends you can look forward to in 2022 and beyond.

  1. Protecting the Skin Barrier

If you’ve been on top of skincare products and trends in the past year or so, you’re probably familiar with “maskne.” This term refers to the skin issues—predominantly acne—that result from wearing a mask for long periods of time. Though most of us are enjoying relaxed mask mandates, it’s safe to say that many consumers are still combatting the skincare fallout that comes from having a mask on for months.

In 2022, you can expect a greater emphasis on protecting and rejuvenating a damaged skin barrier. Consumers will be looking for products that hydrate, protect, and strengthen the skin. This will mean an increased focus on ceramides, which can act as a skin sealant with helpful anti-aging benefits as well.

  1. Fermented Skin Care Products

Fermented foods have taken off in the U.S. in recent years—and for good reason. These natural products can help strengthen your gut microbiome, which can in turn help with a range of health conditions.

In the coming year, however, we can expect consumers to make the switch to more fermented beauty products as well. This shift is a natural one when you consider the fact that these fermented products are popular in Korean and Japanese markets, both of which have had a huge influence on American skincare in recent years.

Fermented skincare products may be better for people with dry or sensitive skin, as they tend to be more natural and less irritating. In addition, fermented products may even help to reduce soreness, redness, and inflammation in the face.

  1. Blue Light Skin Care

By now, we’re all familiar with the effects of natural sunlight on our skin, and many beauty products contain some form of UV protection.

However, with most of us trapped inside during recent lockdowns, a growing number of consumers are concerned about how all of that screen time affects our skin. Dermatologists warn that blue light may be aging our skin, and it can also lead to conditions like hyperpigmentation.

Expect to see more products that block blue light on the market in the coming year, in addition to anti-aging skincare to help address the effects. You can also expect a continued demand for things like blue light-blocking glasses!

  1. Better Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite has long been the bane of a huge range of consumers hoping to achieve flawless skin. This natural skin condition affects around 80-90% of women, making it the norm for most.

However, most medical treatments have involved things like surgeries or other invasive options. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are available, but added research into this topic suggests that things may be looking up in 2022 and beyond.

We’ve already seen progress with Qwo, which is the first injectable treatment that can help address the appearance of cellulite. In the coming months and years, treatments like this should become more and more accessible, allowing consumers to get their hands on easy treatments for this common aesthetic nuisance.

  1. Eco-Conscious Skincare

Natural skincare products have gotten a lot of attention in recent years, but we’re likely to see an added focus on plant-based products in the coming months.

Many natural products offer the same skin-enhancing effects as their artificial relatives, but they have the added benefit of being eco-friendly. With almost 80% of U.S. consumers saying they’d be more likely to buy a product that’s environmentally friendly, it’s safe to predict that skincare enthusiasts will follow suit.

We’ve already seen natural products in many types of skincare, but growing demand may broaden the range. Examples of skincare ingredients that may be in higher demand include elderberry, bakuchiol, gotu kola, ginger, Centella Asiatica, and resveratrol.

In addition, we’re likely to start seeing more waterless beauty products. These concentrated products reduce shipping weights while allowing consumers to get more out of their favorite beauty goodies.

  1. Transparent Ingredients

We’re far past the days when consumers only looked for pretty packaging and the right brand name when looking for skincare treatments. In addition to a drive for more natural products, consumers are often turning toward products whose labels are easier to read. This stems not only from a desire to be more green-minded, but also from the goal to understand what we’re putting on our faces.

Clean beauty products—meaning those from brands that are transparent about what’s in their products and where it comes from—are likely to see added interest in 2022 and beyond.

Make the Most of the Latest Skincare Options

As with any trend, each consumer gets to pick and choose whether the high demand is worth their own personal use. However, as we start to see an uptick in attention on the great skincare options above, you might want to sit up and take notice! With a wealth of interesting research and health effects to help your skin, each of these trends is well worth your consideration.

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