7 Best Real Estate CRM Software For Small Businesses

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Realtors must have hands-on information about the housing and renting market and client needs to serve customers best. Both details help realtors in providing appropriate recommendations to their customers. With increasing data records, it can become difficult for your employees to extract customer information from multiple files to initiate a conversation. Best Real Estate CRM Software

Such obstacles can be prevented thanks to the invention of CRM software. CRM software can help to manage your marketing and sales pipeline to boost conversion rates and sales. It can enable your sales and marketing teams to identify at what stage they’re in the customer buying journey. Better decisions can be made based on customer data, which raises chances for closing deals with clients.

Main Functions Of Real Estate CRM

  • Enables faster response times to customer queries without the need to check inboxes.
  • Observe customer interactions and identify who are potential buyers.
  • Record customers’ activity on websites, or response to marketing campaigns, etc. 
  • Retention management for nurturing relationships with past clients.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks such as short response to customer queries or sending reminders about property viewing appointments.

Before you decide on the best Real Estate CRM software, determine which sector of your company requires this feature most, and test out which CRM provides the best suitable features. If you’re unfamiliar with such applications, then try the free versions first; otherwise, you can opt for the paid versions.

  • Zoho CRM

Zoho is one of the most renowned software companies that offer applications to small and medium-sized businesses. It hosts a vast collection of tools and features, including sales force automation, lead management, recording of multi-channel interactions, and analytic tools. 

It also equips a performance management tool that helps in drawing accurate conclusions and even sorts leads and prospects based on location, need, or other desirable factors. Its gamification feature helps employees to focus on sales objectives and awards trophies or badges for achieving them. 

Zoho CRM provides a free version for up to 3 members. Its standard version costs $14.00 per user per month billed annually, whereas the professional version costs $23.00 per user per month billed annually.

  • HubSpot

HubSpot CRM provides a range of features such as e-mail templates, meeting scheduling functionality, and managing contacts. Besides these functions, it has a pipeline management system for better prediction of sales journeys, sales automation tools and enables the addition of live chat to your website. The App MarketPlace shows all applications that the CRM can integrate with if your company uses them. 

HubSpot is a suitable option for those small to medium-sized real estate agencies that are looking for a reliable, simple-to-use platform. It includes a free version that provides access to HubSpot’s tools such as Service Hub, Marketing Hub, and Sales Hub, helpdesk tools, online forms, live chatbots, and more. 

Its starter subscription costs $45.00/month billed yearly (otherwise $50.00), which hosts extra features such as e-mail marketing tools and in-app support. 

  • FreshSales

FreshSales CRM is another software that provides a user-friendly interface and is best suited for small to medium-sized companies. It consists of workflow automation and sales intelligence features and can integrate with various third-party applications. 

It provides a free version, but reports are unavailable. The subscriptions start from $29.00/user/month billed yearly; otherwise, $35.00 is billed monthly.  

  • The Real Estate CRM

If you’re looking for an application that can help you in accessing contact information, project management applications, or e-mail campaigns from one central software, then use the Real Estate CRM. It provides a powerful integration feature allowing you to manage several applications from one place. This includes Google Workspace, Slack, PayPal, Office 365, Dropbox, etc. Contact. 

Additional tools include assigning sales territories to realtors, housing inventory management, and creating assignment rules for handling leads and prospects. The Real Estate CRM’s lite version costs $12.00/user/month, and its premium version costs $12.00/user/month. 

  • Zendesk Sell

This CRM is a good choice for increasing team productivity and improving sales forecasting through pipeline management. It can help realtors to keep in touch with agents belonging to different housing markets, enhancing communication. Features offered include e-mail automation, click-to-dial for quick connection with customers, and automatic customer search that can be accessed via their Reach tool. Reach is highly recommended for commercial realtors who want to reach out to potential prospects from other businesses. 

Zendesk’s subscription offers include a Sell Team version which costs $19.00/user/month billed annually. Only a maximum of three users can use the CRM and provides basic features such as e-mail integration, sales pipeline, and mobile CRM. Its Professional subscription offer costs $49.00/user/month billed annually, which has additional features including bulk e-mailing, unlimited e-mail templates, and provides access to unlimited users. 

  • Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive provides the best feature of sales process visualization based on customized pipelines. Hence, sales teams can determine at what stage of the sales process do their deals lie in. It can automatically update contact records via calls or e-mails and keeps all devices connected to it up to date. Pipedrive CRM offers integrations with many popular applications such as Asana, Trello, and Slack.

It’s subscription service starts from $12.50/user/month (essential package), and reaches $99.00/user/month (enterprise package). 

  • Contactually

This CRM application is specially tailored for real estate agencies. It can ease the lead qualifying process for your employees by enabling the creation of personalized and automated campaigns for leads, regardless of their location in the sales journey. 

Moreover, it consists of a referral system for strengthening relations with older customers, as well as encouraging them for referrals. The CRM can be integrated with Google WorkSpace and Office 365, allowing to sync e-mails and communication history with the application.

Contactually offers subscriptions starting from $69.00/user/month (Professional package) and $119.00/month (Accelerator Package).

  • Wrapping Up

With the increasing number of client demands and property listings, it can become difficult for realtors to interpret and record customer and sales data on their own. A CRM can help in managing, recording, and updating data records related to your real estate business. With its ability to provide reports and integration features, your sales team can improve client communication and streamline the sales pipeline, increasing property and home sales. 

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