7 Things Every Student Is Tired of Hearing

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A student life is not easy. They have to deal with a lot of things and get to hear all sorts of comments from people around them. Students have gotten tired of hearing some of these things. To find out what they are, keep on reading.

Things Every Student Is Tired of Hearing

“Do not Worry”:

Everyone uses the phrase “Do not stress about it” when it comes to studies. There are parents their children this and the students themselves say this to one another. This phrase alone is pretty useless. You telling a student not to worry is not a magical gig to stop them from worrying about their studies, finances, personal life matters, etc.  They already know that they should not be worrying. They know that worrying can cause stress which will later become the reason for headaches, high blood pressure heart problems, etc (WebMD, 2021).

If anything this phrase does for the students is that they get frustrated. They feel as if you are trying to help them but really just do not understand what they are going through. A better approach is to also suggest to them how to cope with the worries they have. For example, they need health and social care assignment help and are worrying because of it. Suggest to them where they can get help from. This way you can use the phrase and actually make it meaningful for the students.

“Ask Me A Hundred Times”:

Every student has heard the phrase “if you have any question ask me a hundred times and I will explain it to you” from their teachers. 

Every time a new teacher comes into their class they get to hear this phrase. If it is the start of the semester, then the faculties will also use the same phase, to begin with, good notice. You know how the dissertation is probably the most important part of any student’s academic career (helpwithdisseration, 2021) But what if you face difficulty in it and your teacher uses the same phrase but does not go through with it? Frustrating, right?

It is fair enough to say that you get to hear this phrase every year at least once to the point it has been ingrained in your memory. The sad part is that most of the teachers who use this phrase do not follow it themselves. A teacher may tell you that you can ask your question as many times as you need if you do not understand any concept but will get mad if you do ask it more than twice. They may even go as far as calling the student dumb or a slow learner and embarrass him/her in front of the entire class.

Moreover, some students do not follow this statement either. They think that the class will consider them dumb if they are the only ones having trouble with a certain topic. 

“Put Your Phone Down”:

Yes, you have heard this phrase at least a few times every week. Your parents have said it and your teachers have said it and it does not seem like they are going to stop anytime soon unless you actually put your phone down. There is no doubt that smartphones are a big distraction. If you use it during the lectures you are probably going to miss out on the lectures. 

If you are using it at home, your parents will say “Put your phone down and study”. You can be looking for the best assignment writing service in UK because you need assignment help but they will think you are using the phone for fun. 

While their sentiment is reasonable most students know what they are doing. They are aware of when they need to put their phones down to focus on the lectures and when it is okay not to do so because they already have studied the topic earlier. 

“What Was Your Result?”:

The most dreaded thing of all time for students is to hear someone say “what was your result?” As soon as the results arrive all the curious and nosey people will hit you up and ask about what did you get in your result.  It can be the students’ relatives or their own friends who have not spoken to them in a while and are just interested in their results. 

Telling someone your results especially when you have not scored well is embarrassing and demoralizing this is why a lot of students find the question in poor taste no matter how their result was.

“Your Attendance Is Important”:

Teachers have stressed from time to time how much attendance is important for the students. It is also followed up by “This will have a great impact on your overall academic performance”. This phrase has been repeated so many times that students are tired of it. Not only this, some students no longer take this phrase seriously and are okay with not attending a few classes.

“He Goes To The Same Institute Too”:

Whenever you tell a person that you attend a certain college there is a high chance of them saying “Do you know XYZ? They also go there”. This has gotten really tiresome for the students. The reality is, that a single student can not know who attends their school or college. XYZ can be studying in a different class or even a different course. What are the odds of the student knowing them? This is why students try to avoid these questions.

“What Do You Want To Do With Life?”:

The question has been repeated a dozen times. Every time a student encounters another person, this question is thrown at them. Students who are still in school, and students who are about to graduate, all find this question tiresome. It may also cause them stress if they have not figured out what they want to do in life.


Now that you know what things are students tired of hearing, spread the word to those who want to know about it as well.

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