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7 Types Of Bags Every Girl Would Love To Know About

7 Types Of Bags Every Girl Would Love To Know About

The best way to complete your overall look is to have a perfect arm candy. A bag or a purse is just the right accessory which acts as a cherry on the cake for your entire look. If you are a bag lover, having just one isn’t enough. Most girls think that having two to three good bags will suffice but when we see a really good-looking bag, we are often tempted to buy it. 

If you cannot resist buying bags because you love to flaunt a great arm candy, we show you which bag for girls you should invest in. Here, we tell you which seven bags are ideal to stock up in your wardrobe. These seven bags are an ideal fit for almost all your outfits.

1. Shoulder bag: A shoulder bag for girls is a must-have for school-going girls because they are very convenient. A shoulder bag is big enough to carry all your school-related essentials. You can choose a leather one for a formal look, but if you want a funky look, a sequin embellished shoulder bag is a great choice. Let’s not forget how they help you in keeping your hands free.

2. A backpack: A small backpack is an ideal option for girls who like to go out for a picnic or a day out with their families or friends. This tiny backpack can contain all the basic necessities such as money, water, tiffin and even books and other stationary items.

3. Applique backpacks: For girls who love to leave a little sparkle wherever they go, this applique bag is totally a fun choice to pick. Available in amazing bright colours, a part of this bag comes with sequins studded on it and many of them even feature tiny ears and whiskers, giving it an illusion of an animal, which gives it a nice funky look. 

4. Embellished backpacks: An embellished backpack is an underrated bag for girls. For girls who often love to drift in their very own fairytale, these backpacks are an ideal choice because they come embellished with sequins all over it. This tiny backpack features two compartments which are enough to hold the basic belongings. 

5. Textured wallet: A wallet is essential in the world of bags. Instead of carrying your money in your pockets, a wallet is a convenient option. On days when you girls wear dresses or skirts, this textured wallet can come in handy. It is large enough to hold more than just your money, such as your mini makeup set.

6. Sling bag: Whether you’re going shopping or for a walk in the park, a sling bag will act as your companion to carry your necessary items such as your keys and wallet. It is convenient to carry this bag because you just need to wear it across your shoulders so your hands can remain free. These sling bags come in exciting colours, textures and in a smart box shape for a unique look.

These are the ideal bags for girls which you can invest in and transform your everyday style.

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