8 Beauty Brands All The Time

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Over the years, consumers have seen a plethora of cosmetic brands enter and exit the market. Despite the challenges and increasing competition in the cosmetics industry, some brands have endured and continue to serve their customers. We will be discussing the best cosmetic brands of all time. How did we select the best cosmetic brands? We used multiple factors: sales, customer satisfaction, quality, and sustainable practices. We guarantee you will never regret any purchase if you stick to these brands.

List of Top 8 Globally Recognized Cosmetic Brands

Table of Contents

  1. L’Oréal
  2. Chanel
  3. Dior
  4. Maybelline New York
  5. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  6. MAC
  7. Urban Decay
  8. Huda Beauty

Let’s walk you through the listed brands one by one in details.

1.      L’Oréal

Most people believe that L’Oréal only offers hair products. Well, let us tell you that it is not the case. L’Oréal is a one-stop shop for all your cosmetic needs. This French brand is widely considered a market leader in the women’s beauty industry. The below picture will provide you with valuable insights into the company.

Cosmetic consumers can either order L’Oreal make up products from the official store website or third-party online reseller stores like GuruApp that provides both B2B and B2C cosmetic shopping service. Apart from L’Oreal products, GuurApp offers cosmetic consumers with a whole lot of other branded make up products and makeup application accessories online.

Figure 1. Value of leading brands belonging to L’Oréal worldwide in 2021(in a million U.S. dollars) Source: Statista

A brief history of the company’s origins will help convince you to buy its products. Eugène Paul Louis Schueller, the company’s founder, was a chemist who developed a hair dye product. He later sold the products to hairdressers. Over time, the company hired more chemists, diversifying its products. According to recent statistics, the company employs 85,252 chemists worldwide, a primary reason behind its success.

2.      Chanel

The post-World War 1 is characterised by many changes, including changes in women’s beauty standards. The idea of a traditionally dressed woman was overhauled in favour of a more sporty, casual chic style. Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, a French designer and businesswoman, is credited with this change. She’s also the founder of the Chanel brand, one of the world’s most widely recognised beauty brands. Regardless of whichever Chanel product you buy, rest assured that you will not be disappointed. The only thing that we have against this brand is the pricing. A single lipstick can cost you $50. Then again, quality does not come cheap.

3.      Dior

When you open Dior’s website or see any of its ads, you will always sense one thing – luxury. This brand emits luxury in its products, packaging, and marketing strategy. It is why it continues to occupy a top position among consumers. However, luxury alone is not enough to convince customers nowadays. Dior’s commitment to ensuring quality is unprecedented in the cosmetics industry. It invests heavily in research and development, ensuring its products are always top of the line. We highly recommend that you check out the brand’s lipstick line.

4.      Maybelline New York

Although it has been a subsidiary of L’Oréal since 1996, it continues to operate independently. The company’s origins can be traced to a pharmacist who saw his sister, Mabel, applying a solution to darken her eyebrows. Using his chemistry skills, he perfected the formula and started commercial manufacturing. He named the brand Maybelline in honour of his sister. The likes of Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid have endorsed the brand.

5.      Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Are you even a cosmetics aficionado if you haven’t heard about this brand? It is one of the most widely recognised beauty brands globally. The founder, Bobbi Brown, is credited with many innovations within the beauty industry, including the ten natural-shades lipsticks. Entrepreneur, the famed magazine/website, described the lipsticks as having “revolutionised the beauty industry.”

6.      MAC

Many people don’t know that it is an acronym for Makeup Art Cosmetics. This brand started solely targeting makeup artists. Their products were not available to the average consumer. The reason is that the models, actresses, and other professionals wanted the same products for their family members and friends. Thus, today, MAC products are available to consumers worldwide. MAC launched a beauty collection called the ‘MAC Selena’ in honour of Selena Quintanilla Pérez, an American singer and fashion designer. MAC’s quality and Selena’s popularity earned the collection the feat of best-selling celebrity collection in cosmetics history.

7.      Urban Decay

The last brand on our list of best beauty brands of all time is Urban Decay. It is currently a subsidiary of L’Oréal. While Urban Decay is known for many revolutionary products, its standout point is cruelty-free products. This cosmetic brand does not test any of its products on animals. Unlike other cosmetic brands, which mostly operate standalone stores, you can find Urban Decay products in large stores such as Macy’s, Sephora, and Nordstrom, GuruApp and a number of other online reseller stores online.

8.      Huda Beauty

Founded by the well know and award-winning beauty blogger, Huda Kattan in 2013, Huda Beauty is reputed one of the fast-growing beauty brands with global traction. It all started from a blog back in 2010 and become the top beauty and cosmetic brand for all makeup savvy ladies worldwide.

Huda Beauty community has reached millions on its Instagram, YouTube and various other social networks. Huda cosmetics products are amongst the top-rated makeup products that have resulted in customer satisfaction, and efficacy. Many makeup savvy women don’t want to miss the usage of Huda products in their daily makeup routines as it blends so well and stay longer then one might anticipate.

Some if the best Huda Beauty products that are widely used include foundations, Huda lipsticks, eyeliner, foundations and face primers.


It concludes our article on the best beauty brands of all time. You can see from the above discussion that L’Oréal is the market leader, followed by other worldwide recognized brands that are Chanel, Dior, Maybelline New York, Bobi Brown Cosmetics, MAC, Urben Decay and Huda Beauty.  One primary reason is that it has acquired numerous cosmetic brands over the years. Regardless of which brand you opt for; you won’t be disappointed.