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8 Best Construction Estimation Software


Every building project necessitates the use of construction estimating software. General contractors and builders must generate thorough cost estimates, timelines, and construction plans to evaluate a building project’s cost accurately. Fortunately, many excellent software solutions are created specifically for these purposes. 

This article will discuss the software programs contractors can use to generate rapid and accurate cost estimates for their construction projects. It starts with an overview of the construction estimating and bidding process before developing into the technology that construction professionals can utilize to make it better. 

Construction Estimating Software:

Construction estimating software is cloud-based or desktop-based software that automates and improves the process of evaluating construction costs, materials, and labor. It comes in a wide range of forms, from simple spreadsheet templates to online collaborative software with several capabilities that optimize much more than the approximation process. Contractors should also keep in mind that some software is tailored to specific subcontractor trades, such as electrical or HVAC. Other goods may be made for general contractors or without regard for any particular work.

Features of Construction in Estimating 

After you’ve completed the takeoff, you’ll need to use the information to develop cost estimates for the project’s materials, supplies, and labor. The characteristics that assist contractors and subcontractors in creating project assessments more effectively are briefly discussed below:

Pre-built estimate templates – One of the most critical features of estimating software is the availability of pre-built estimate templates. Almost every estimating tool will have a template for displaying expense estimates. Multiple templates will be included with more sophisticated capabilities.

Supplier pricing database – Some software businesses offer an up-to-date database of materials and supplier pricing from local distributors, which can be integrated with quantity estimations to compute costs quickly or automatically. This function saves time and is usually well worth the money because of the time saved. 

Integration with takeoff software – If your company employs takeoff software, it’s excellent; if not essential, your estimating program can connect to it directly or get data from it. Otherwise, your personnel may be stuck manually entering data that your takeoff solution assisted in generating. Often, you can purchase a takeoff package from the same vendor, and the data from the takeoff can be directly imported into estimates with no human interference.

Details about common assemblies or components of the project – Many estimating programs allow users to save particular information about standard assemblies or components. Materials costs, quantities, labor expenses, and time can all be included in the report. 

Multi-item update – Prices, materials, and suppliers can all change at any time, necessitating revisions in multiple places across the estimate. Fortunately, some estimating software allows you to apply the same modification to multiple areas of the estimate documents simultaneously.

Formulas – Most devices will come with a set of pre-programmed calculations for things like area, volume, and curved distances. Many will also allow the user to make changes to or add new formulas.

8 Best Construction Estimation Software

If you are aware of everything there is to know about construction estimating and just want to look at the best products, here is a list of our highest estimating software:

  1. STACK


STACK is a software program for construction estimating and takeoff that any size company may use. The capacity to calculate how much material is required to finish a project is known as construction takeoff. This tool is available to STACK customers in addition to a variety of comprehensive, cloud-based choices for completing and sending fresh estimates.

STACK works with a wide range of construction companies and clients. General contractors, subcontractors, home builders, and suppliers are among those who fall under this category. This program is an excellent pick because it can calculate many metrics from different perspectives.

  1. Esticom


A cloud-based computer system, Esticom, estimates and performs stock-taking for construction projects. The features of Esticom allow you real-time access to business metrics and a current view of new bids or projects. The goal is to eliminate dependency on paper, business planning, and time-consuming Excel spreadsheets, as both can stymie production.

Esticom works with a variety of construction companies and small enterprises. Painters, electricians, HVAC specialists, and plumbers are all included.

  1. Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman is a cost-effective solution for small-business contractors requiring a simple project management platform. It provides a free 30-day trial, after which it offers options starting at $49 per month (a lower amount than most comparable services).

Over 30 tools and integrations are available, including the ability to develop and submit professional estimates. When you’re utilizing this product for the first time, a good knowledge base and customer support team make it simple to get started.

  1. Sage Estimating


Sage Estimating is a software platform that assists construction firms in increasing their bid-to-won ratio. Pre-construction bidding uses vital industry data and artificial intelligence to provide the most precise and feasible estimates. This increases productivity and gives clients more information and precision regarding a specific requirement.

Vendor selection, purchase orders, subcontractor quotations, and job cost monitoring are other capabilities offered in Sage Estimating. This information can be combined with estimates to give users a complete picture of the process.

  1. SimPRO


SimPRO is a cloud-based solution that provides scalability, flexibility, and simplicity. The built-in estimating functions assist firms in creating accurate quotations and communicating them to prospective clients smoothly and transparently.

SimPRO is an excellent alternative for companies that rely heavily on field personnel. It may now be taken on the road by staff to provide quick and precise estimates to new clients thanks to its mobile features. This adaptability enhances conversion by eliminating the time lag associated with a more traditional estimation method based on human computations and back-and-forth communication.

  1. Projul 


Projul is a software startup dedicated to making the construction industry more straightforward. The platform and user experience were created for small enterprises and companies with less than 50 employees.

Users can quickly and accurately create project proposals and copy and replicate them to save time. Projul also assists companies in concealing markup prices from prospective clients and customers.

  1. Builder Trend


Home builders, remodelers, and renovators can use Builder Trend’s estimate software program. Regarding construction projects, these professionals have specific requirements, such as knowing a property’s square footage and age in relation to demolition and structural modifications.

The estimating program can be found in Builder Trend’s pre-sales package. Users may manage leads, bid on new house projects, handle email marketing campaigns, and participate in business partnerships swiftly and efficiently with this suite of tools.

  1. Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a platform that focuses solely on estimates (rather than having an extensive list of supplementary features). It’s also a cheap option for small-scale contractors, with rates starting at $59/month without a contract.

One of the critical advantages of Clear Estimates is that it uses RemodelMAX data to estimate supply and material costs according to geographic area. Customers can get the most precise estimate based on where they live, thanks to the vast range of data accessible.

What is the Cost of Construction Estimating Software?

Depending on the software vendor and associated capabilities, construction estimating software can cost anywhere from $30 to $250 per month per estimator. Although some free tools and templates are available, most tools that give significant value come at a cost. While online tools may have a monthly fee of a few hundred dollars or less, desktop applications that require a one-time installation are substantially more expensive upfront. This is because you own the product for the rest of your life after it has been installed. These items typically cost between $600 and $5,000. However, if you want the developer to send you software updates, you’ll have to pay extra.

Small enterprises, home contractors, and specialist contractors all require construction cost estimates software. Many of these experts want an all-in-one solution to deal with such a key step in the client signing process. Keeping prices and labor hours under check while providing excellent customer service without reliable estimations is tough.

You should choose software based on your company’s needs, budget, and extra functionality. Gain a competitive advantage by making estimates with current software that you and your clients will love once you have defined individual preferences and goals. 

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