8 Best Funny Emojis to Spread the Good Vibes

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Sometimes, you need a good laugh to relieve the sadness and stress you are feeling. And one way to do this is by communicating with your family or friends! There are plenty of ways to talk to them, like Funny Emojis video calling or chatting through online messaging platforms, and you can easily communicate with everyone these days.


Whenever you want to feel happy, even for quite a while, you can always speak with your loved ones. There is no better way to brighten someone up than making time for them and ensuring that you are always beside them. Send them silly emojis, such as the laughing or nerd face emoji, for some happy moments. Hence, here are a few more funny emojis you should use more often to spread the good vibes: 

This face emoji with the head tilted, tongue out, and wild eyes in a wild, cockeyed expression is a wacky icon you can choose to send your family or friends when goofing around. Generally, it expresses silliness and commonly depicts having fun and partying. You can opt to use this emoji when you are too excited about something or want to describe weird but funny stuff.

  • Pile of Poo

Sending this pile of poo emoji to your closest friends or family members is an inside joke between you and them. This swirl of brown poo, shaped like soft-serve ice cream with large eyes and a big smile, is true to its meaning. Once you send this emoji, you will have the funniest conversation with your pals. Moreover, you can send it when you are doing number two in the bathroom. After all, there is no shame in discussing these things with your best friends or loved ones.

  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Spread the good vibes by sending this rolling on the floor laughing emoji to your friends! It is a perfect emoji to use when you are talking about something funny and want to let loose. Share a good laugh and fun time with your loved ones even through chat with this emoji. Also, this emoji is a laughing face with tears of joy, like in a real-life scenario, because laughter releases happy hormones and can reduce stress. When you are feeling blue or down at the moment, laughter is always the best remedy. You can send it to your pals to let them know you are having a blast talking to them. Those who often use this emoji are said to love to laugh and always have a smile on their faces when you see them in person.

  • Hatching Chick

The hatching chick emoji is used not only during Easter Sunday or when discussing something about chickens, birds, spring, or eggs. It is also used when you want to talk about seeing or experiencing something for the first time. Many people also use this emoji to show that they don’t care about something. However, this is only for those who you are close with. When you want to tease your friends and tell them you don’t give a crap about their feelings or what they say, you can send this icon to make them laugh. It may be harsh for other people, but if you send this emoji to your circle of friends, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Clown Face

Trolling your friends with the clown emoji is another excellent way to spread some good vibes. This icon depicts the face of a circus clown, which is used to convey different goofy or silly feelings. Send it to your friends to let them know you get their jokes. On the other hand, this emoji can also denote that something is suspicious or scary. Since some people find clowns creepy and hate them, you can tease your friends by sending this emoji to your group chat. 

  • Melting Face

A yellow smiley face melting into a puddle emoji is another funny icon for a good laugh. When you send it to your friends, they want to make fun of you. They will think that you did something embarrassing and will tease you more. As friends always do, they laugh with you no matter how foolish you might be at times. Nevertheless, they are still your friends and want to make the mood lighter if you are too ashamed of your actions. You will no longer feel shy or humiliated once you tell them what you did, for they will always support you.

  • Face With Hand Over Mouth

Make your group chat with family or friends more fun by sending this face with hand over mouth emoji. It suggests coy laughter or embarrassment or means you have seen or heard something shocking. It can be interpreted in various ways depending on the situation, but it is a positive emoji that can make you smile or laugh hard. Additionally, it denotes as if cheekily saying oops! It is like sharing something juicy or laughable.

  • Smiling Face With Horns

Also known as the happy devil emoji, this smiling face with horns icon in purple color symbolizes someone’s coolness or strength. If you want to prank or tease your loved ones, you can use this symbol to have a good laugh. It is often a sign that someone is thinking of doing something nasty but in a joking manner. Your friends will likely send this emoji to your group chat when they want to make fun.


Essentially, emojis are one of the most powerful tools for better communication. These icons are created to easily depict what people want to say or how they feel. Thus, if you are looking for good vibes, use these funny emojis specified above. Be sure to send these to your loved ones to share some good laughs, especially when you know they need it. After all, happiness is best shared with the people you love the most!


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