8 Top Social Media Stages For Craftsmen

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Social media stages are fantastic spots to exhibit your best work and advance yourself as an imaginative person. Your online presence could assist you with getting a new position, acquire independent customers or imaginative teammates, just as fabricate your expert standing. 

However, with so numerous online media stages to browse, how would you know which ones to utilize? To discover, we paid attention to the counsel of scope of imaginative experts including craftsmen, picture takers, creators, and producers. 

We realized what they like about every social media stage. Why you may track down every one helpful for showing components of your portfolio (for more portfolio inspo, see our visual depiction portfolio post), or possibly something different.

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01. DeviantArt 

Dispatched in 2000, DeviantArt has a greater amount of a novice, specialist feels to it than ArtStation. Thus while you’re less inclined to get commissions straightforwardly through it. It’s a superior social media stage for placing your craft before your friends and getting input. 

Individuals will in general go back and forth from DeviantArt over the long run, and creator and artist Katy L Wood is no exemption. “DeviantArt was the principal social media Stages website I joined, around 13 years prior. When I was a youngster,” she reviews. “It was a tremendous piece of my development as a craftsman.

Because of the multitude of astonishing free assets it had, from instructional exercises to brushes to stock. Besides, in those days, DeviantArt had an extraordinary local area. Individuals truly talked and cooperated and had a good time.” 

At last, however, she felt the local area had begun to disappear and turned her considerations somewhere else. “In any case, somewhat recently I’ve been working my direction back into utilizing DeviantArt, particularly with its magnificent rebrand,” she says. “I returned principally on the grounds that DeviantArt is clear. There are no calculations to the game, it’s efficient, and it’s strong of each sort of craftsmanship and composing I do. 

02. The-Dots 

Dispatched in 2014, The Dots is a social media Stages expert organization that plans to be “LinkedIn for creatives”. Also, it’s had a considerable lot of accomplishment in doing as such, drawing in organizations, for example, Google, Burberry, Sony Pictures, Viacom, M&C Saatchi, Warner Music, Tate, Discovery Networks, and VICE to utilize it as an enrolling device. 

There are a ton of different things you can do on the stage. Then holding back to be extended to an employment opportunity, however. These incorporate interfacing with other creatives in your field, looking at individuals’ side hustles, reacting to demands for coordinated efforts, staying aware of the most recent occasions, and that’s just the beginning. 

It’s anything but a case, then, at that point, of getting out what you put in. Furthermore, in contrast to LinkedIn, each page you collaborate with is wonderfully planned. 

At present, most creatives appear to utilize The Dots as a feature of a self-promotion blend, instead of zeroing in on it only. Yorkshire-based consultant Joanna Kosinska, for instance, says: “I will post my work practically anywhere where I can acquire a foothold, including The Dots, Behance, Dribbble, and Creativepool. 

“As a visual planner and picture taker, I need to put my name out there. So any stage that makes it simpler to discover my work is my companion, and I’ll readily contribute time to make a profile and offer ventures.”

03. Behance 

Behance is the nearest thing on this rundown to an unadulterated portfolio stage, yet with a social media stages viewpoint connected. Established by Matias Corea and Scott Belsky in November 2005, the organization was procured by Adobe in 2012, and its span has since gotten tremendous. 

In contrast to, say, Dribbble or Instagram, Behance offers an approach to show a greater amount of your work than simply a solitary, eye-snatching picture. As movement creator and 3D generalist, Jesus Suarez clarifies: “Behance is extraordinary for sharing the creation of and in the background viewpoints. It takes into consideration a more complete gander at the venture.” 

Obviously, you could do all that on your own site. However, the social parts of Behance imply that it merits posting stuff there as well, assuming even you’re simply copying a similar substance. 

Also, that is by and large the methodology Laundry takes, says Richardson. “Our Behance essentially reflects our organization site,” he clarifies, “but since it is so shareable and other creatives go to Behance for innovative motivation. It is an optimal spot for us to share the background and contextual investigation parts of our tasks. 

04. Instagram 

The ascent of Dayflash (number one on our rundown) is an indication that a couple of individuals’ relationship with Instagram is fading. In any case, generally, Instagram stays by a long shot the most famous visuals-based social media stages today. And for most creatives, a presence or the like on the picture-sharing stage stays an absolute necessity. 

“While Behance is extraordinary for sharing and getting your work before proficient eyes. I will, in general, utilize Instagram for the most part,” says George Kofi Prah, originator at New York and LA marketing office loyalkaspar. “It’s the ideal apparatus for creatives in the manner that Spotify is for artists. 

“It gives admittance to a much more extensive crowd than some other stage and permits me to draw in within a real sense anybody. Utilizing hashtags makes being found and discovering new and intriguing things much simpler.” 

Convenience is additionally a significant factor for some. “I use Instagram, trailed by The Dots, on the grounds that these stages are simpler and more available as far as responsibility per post,” says Welsh/Sri Lankan craftsman Murugiah. “Behance has an excessive number of fields to fill in per post!” 

We need to advance our work where our crowd resides 

For Amy Kilner, independent architect and originator of motivation blog The Design Fix, utilizing Instagram is an easy decision. “You need to recall that we’re planning for our customers’ goals, not other creatives,” she calls attention to. “So we need to advance our work where our crowd resides. Try not to misunderstand me. I love imaginative destinations – I run my own, all things considered – however, it’s not where my customers are!

05. LinkedIn 

Despite the fact that it’s had a complete rebrand. LinkedIn doesn’t quickly get you similar to a helpful social stage for creatives. In any case, craftsmanship, plan, and filmmaking are organizations like some other, and numerous imaginative masters say they’re utilizing LinkedIn paying little mind to what it resembles. 


Take Frank Suyker, otherwise known as Mr. Sugar, a workmanship chief situated in the Netherlands. “I use LinkedIn to get repeating income out of my current customers,” he clarifies. “By posting my blog entries on LinkedIn & social media stage, I’m keeping top of my psyche. Also, when they accomplish work that should be done, they come to me.” 

Clothing has likewise made a shift to LinkedIn as of late. Which it has been effectively utilizing for as far back as the year. “Facebook used to be an incredible spot to share work however it got jumbled with advertisements and not plan-centered posts,” says Richardson. “Conversely, the very work-centered and curated nature of LinkedIn has made. It a discussion to share the plan, movement, and background content. Which has accumulated a ton of incredible consideration for us.

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