8 Ways to Save Money On Renting a Car in Sharjah, UAE


The UAE is a spectacular country with amazing attractions, from natural beauty to cosmopolitan cities. However, it’s also one of the most expensive places to live in. If you’re planning on renting a car in Sharjah and exploring the rest of the UAE, it might not be as affordable as you think. To offset this, there are several strategies available for people who want to rent a car in Sharjah but don’t want to blow their budget doing so. There are also ways that visitors can save money on renting a car if they stay in or plan to visit the UAE for an extended period of time. Here are eight ways to save money on renting a car in Sharjah, whether you’re just passing through or staying for the long term.


Compare all available options before you book.

The first step to saving money on rent a car in Sharjah, UAE, is to compare all available options before you book. Every online car rental website has different rates and offers, so it’s essential to look at each one individually. Most sites offer additional discounts if you book through their website, but even checking out other websites can help you find special deals that aren’t available for most people.

It’s also important not to make reservations until you’ve compared all the options because this way, you’ll be able to choose which company has the best deal based on your specific needs. If possible, go directly to the companies’ websites since this will allow them more flexibility in terms of pricing and may give them an opportunity for better deals than those offered by third-party sites.

Book in advance.

Booking early can help you get the car you want, and it also gives you a better chance of getting the best rate. The longer period you have to book your car, the more likely it is that other people will be looking for cars. If more people are looking for cars than are available, prices go up. If there are more cars than customers coming in at any given time, prices tend to go down, and your chances of getting exactly what you need become higher.

Find out if there’s an airport location near where you’re staying or working.

Suppose there is no airport location near where you live or work but often travel through airports on business trips or personal adventures throughout Sharjah’s many attractions. In that case, we recommend renting from one of our branches located close by these facilities. After dropping off your rental vehicle with us and before catching another flight home again later that same day/night/weekend/month/year.

Find a car that is exactly what you need, not one that is too big or complicated for your needs.

When you’re renting a car, it’s essential to get one that is exactly what you need, not one that is too big or complicated for your needs. You don’t want to spend money on something that will sit in the parking lot all day. If you have the option between a manual or automatic transmission, choose an automatic because they are easier to drive and more fuel-efficient. If your budget allows for it, consider getting a hybrid vehicle because they have better fuel economy and last longer than traditional cars.

Go for a manual transmission.

When renting a car in Sharjah, you may notice that many of the cars available for rent are manual transmissions. This is because manual transmissions are more common in the UAE and thus often cheaper to rent. However, if you know how to drive one, the driving stick can save you a lot of money on your rental costs. As with any country or area where there are marked differences between locals and tourists, most people who live in Sharjah probably don’t know how to drive a stick shift. If you’re looking for an automatic transmission, which will usually cost more, you’ll have fewer options unless you’re willing to settle for something less-than-perfect.

Get a car from the local carrier instead of an international brand.

One of the most common mistakes people make when renting a car in Sharjah is to go with an international rental company. While it might be tempting, local rental companies are usually cheaper and offer better service. Local rental companies may also be more flexible with their policies. For example, you may be able to get away with renting a larger car than what you reserved, and they might not charge you any additional fees for doing so. Many international brands have strict rules and won’t budge or waiver if something goes wrong. On the other hand, local companies are more likely to work with you and provide assistance rather than leave you high and dry because your friend drove the car into a ditch while intoxicated.

Pay attention to extra fees, like insurance and cleaning costs.

When you’re ready to rent a car, make sure you read the fine print. Some companies will charge extra fees that aren’t always visible on their website. In addition to the basic cost of renting a vehicle (typically between 500 – 2000 AED per day), there are other fees you should be prepared for:

  • Insurance: This covers damage that might occur to the car while in your possession. If something happens, this should reimburse any expenses incurred by the rental company and any legal costs for their defense in case of an accident or vandalism claim against them.
  • Cleaning fee: If there are stains on your seat or windshield when you return it, this fee can be added to your bill at checkout time. However, as long as there’s no significant damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle, most companies won’t charge additional cleaning costs unless they’ve been told about those issues beforehand.

Find out if you can cancel without penalty or change your reservation.

If you’ve made a reservation and can’t cancel or modify it, contact the rental company to see if they will waive their cancellation fees. For example, if your travel plans change and require an additional day of car rental instead of two days, it’s generally cheaper to upgrade your original booking than pay for another car rental for an entire day.

For most companies that make this process easy online, cancellation procedures are clearly outlined in their websites’ policies and FAQs sections. Other companies may not be transparent about their policies, especially since many renters don’t bother reading them until after making a reservation, so double-check with customer service before calling up to cancel your booking manually.

Ask about special offers and deals.

Some companies offer special rates for members. The most common of these are discounts for booking online, but some rental companies also offer special rates for members of other companies or travelers who are willing to book in advance. Some companies offer discounts for booking multiple days at a time. For example, if you’re planning on staying in the UAE longer than 3-4 days, you can save money by renting your car from a company One Click Drive that offers discounts on weekly or monthly rentals and daily ones. Suppose you’re planning on touring around several different cities while in the UAE and not spending much time at your vacation destination, say 2-3 nights. In that case, you might be able to get away with just paying one fee rather than having to pay extra fees each time you rent another vehicle during that trip.


If you have plans to visit Sharjah, then renting a car will likely be necessary. Rental cars are a great way for travelers to explore the city and its surrounding areas. But if you aren’t careful about which company you choose, renting a car can cost more than expected and eat into your budget. The good news is that there are ways to save money on car rental costs in Sharjah.