A Rundown of the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration

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The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration is a two-week event that is dedicated to summer break fun.

Back on June 19, 2021, Epic Games teased an event for Fortnite by posting a mysterious invite for all of the players to join them for a “Cosmic Summer Celebration” party. The venue? Believer Beach. Now, Epic Games isn’t new to hosting these kinds of festivities and big in-game events that comprise massive celebrations and even in-game concerts. According to Epic Games, the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration is an event that’s all about summer break. Starting from June 22 up until July 6 (the event will be held for exactly two weeks), players have a lot of quests to sink their teeth into and rewards to get. This is arguably the best time yet to get a Fortnite account to soak up all that vitamin D. Just make sure to put some sunblock before having fun in the sun.

The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Quests

To get into the party mood, Fortnite has a bunch of new quests that players can do in the Cosmic Summer Celebration event. And yes, this also applies to players that don’t have the Battle Pass on their Fortnite account. The first batch of quests is now live for anyone to try while the rest of the other assignments are due to go live in the next coming weeks to coincide with the LTMs becoming available. All of the quests for the event are based on the different Community Creation LTMs which is pretty neat. What this means is that players will need to go to the change mode menu to select the relevant LTM that they want on the bottom of their screen. The quests that are currently open are the Bio’s Zone Wars Trio quests, but rest assured that the remaining quests will unlock over time such as Freaky Flights, The Pit, and more.

As for the rewards, players will get a variety of them from completing the quests. The Bio’s Zone Wars Trio quests will reward players with a Firecracker Freefall glider, a Cloud Llama Board glider (Cloud Coral style), an icon banner that depicts the sun, plus the Brain Freeze back bling in the Slurpberry variant. For the next set of quests, the Pro 100, players will be getting the Brain Freeze back bling (Slimeberry style), another Cloud Llama board (Cloudy Cat style), and Beach Blast music. There are tons more to get once players complete the future quests for the Cosmic Summer Celebration, but by far the best reward for the whole event has to be the Lil’ Treat emote where the player gets to ride in a mini-ice cream van–is that not adorable or what? But if they want to get their hands on it, they have to put in the elbow grease first because they’ll have to complete at least 12 of the Fortnite Cosmic Summer quests. Players only have until July 6 to finish the required number of quests. Note that there are 14 Fortnite Cosmic Summer quests for the whole duration of the event that players have the option to do.

A Concert Fitting for Summer

Fortnite has already had a couple of gigs done on its game before, so why not have one again for the event? The virtual concert will be helmed by a UK indie band called Easy Life. This time, the venue will be in a virtual O2 London Arena that’s been constructed in the Fortnite Creative mode. Everything about this concert is in collaboration between O2, Epic Games, and Island Records. The virtual O2 London Arena looks to be a faithful recreation on the exterior, but as always, the interior has been jazzed in the typical Fortnite fashion that players know and love. Easy Life will be playing six songs from their debut album, with each of the songs being accompanied by a unique world that players will be transported to. Players can expect the experience to be in the same vein as the Astronomical concert by Travis Scott where they were brought to different dimensions and realms following the songs that were played. While this isn’t Epic’s first rodeo in bringing over big-name artists, Easy Life is the first UK act to ever perform in Fortnite Creative. 

Easy Life has everything to gain from this as the concert is sort of like a huge advertisement for their music. The past concerts in Fortnite raked millions of viewers from around the world, plus the artists were given a meaty paycheck. The hype from the in-game concerts didn’t fizzle out quickly either. Players can visit the O2 London Arena by using the island code 2500-3882-9781 in Fortnite Creative mode. The performance of Easy Life will be kicking off on June 24 at 12:30 PM PT. For the people that can’t make it, don’t fret as players can watch a replay of the whole concert until June 27.

In A Nutshell

Besides the aliens that are abducting wandering players onto a Mothership, the Cosmic Summer Celebration in Fortnite is the perfect festival for gamers that want a summer-esque event where they can have fun in the sun. Fortnite has turned into an extremely demanding game with the addition of new content every season. You’ll need a good GPU and CPU to be able to run the game at a competitive frame rate. You can build your own PC at the MVP for the best deals and an amazing spec for the price. There are tons of rewards to earn even for the players that don’t have Fortnite accounts that have a Battle Pass on them, making it a great way for players who are too cheap to get a Battle Pass to get a couple of cosmetic Fortnite items and emotes. Not to mention, the upcoming concert for Easy Life in the O2 London Arena has the players hyped. It’s been a while since Fortnite had a concert, and while they have had extremely popular artists on, it’s nice to have an indie band getting the spotlight. What do you think of the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration? Do you think that the rewards for the event quests will be valuable for the Fortnite accounts for sale in the future? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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