A skyscraper-clothespin and the greenest building – new on the Dubai real estate market

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If you are one of those who are seeking luxury property brokers in Dubai can offer you a wide variety of villas and apartments. But what if you are looking for something special? Does a skyscraper-clothespin sound right up your street? Because that’s a new project just about to be launched, it is the best time to invest in it, when it’s still off-plan. Also, there’s the greenest building that has just been finished. It’s a commercial property, so, why can’t you contact trusty developers and build up something of the kind for your business?

Let’s have a look at these two projects, at their perspectives, and also have a quick glance at the highest properties in the emirate. Some of the projects have already been finished so you can invest in real estate in them and start earning quite high ROI now. By the way, the average ROI in the UAE is 8%, which is higher than in most European countries.

New real estate in Dubai, they decided to build a skyscraper-clothespin

Israeli company Clothespin is going to build a clothespin tower in Dubai.

The Israeli company Clothespin has announced a unique and innovative project for Dubai – a skyscraper in the shape of a clothespin. As conceived by renowned Israeli artist Zaigo, the project will become a symbol of love, hope and peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

The 40-story tower is conceived as an architectural masterpiece to complement the collection of exclusive buildings built in Dubai. The two halves of the clothespin are going to come together to create the perfect union, Zygo believes.

The company is currently looking for partners to implement a project in the Persian Gulf region. Clothespin specializes in creating concepts for residential and office properties, as well as hotels.

“After much thought, we have chosen the UAE, which is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and iconic properties. Our project will become a bridge to peace, an anchor between the two countries and a must-see attraction,” the architectural company noted.

  •       One twin tower will be a luxury hotel with 1200 rooms.
  •       The other one will be residential and is going to be designed for 300 premium class apartments.
  •       In addition, the towers will be equipped with a shopping center, modern art galleries and restaurants, not to mention a fitness center and luxurious spa.

The architects plan to start construction in 2023.

Earlier, Turkish architect Hairi Ataka announced the construction of a skyscraper in Dubai, rotating around its own axis by the force of the wind. Three Squall Towers are expected to be located on the coast of the emirate, next to the Dubai Marina area.

The cross-section of each tower will be streamlined, allowing it to spin efficiently with minimal wind resistance. There will be a helipad on the roof. The housing will rotate once every 48 hours at a fixed speed, regardless of wind strength. Thus, each of the tenants will have a view of both the city and the sea.

Now is the best time to start investing as the conditions for the financiers will be the most convenient now. By the way, that is a great opportunity to let your name stay in history.

It is worth recalling that in 2020 Dubai became the world leader in the number of new skyscrapers built per year. Thus, 12 properties over 200 meters high were built in the emirate. Analysts say the reason for this unusual growth in completed skyscrapers in the real estate market in 2020 is the increase in investment in this type of project about five years ago, in line with the strong market position at the time – and these projects, just today, were completed. .

The tallest building completed in Dubai last year was the SLS tower in Business Bay at 336 meters. There are some more of the completed properties:

  •       the 307m Amna Tower at Habtoor City,
  •       Jumeirah Gate (303m) at Jumeirah Beach Residences,
  •       ICD Brookfield Place (282m) at DIFC
  •       and Boulevard Point (280m) at Downtown Dubai.

​Greenest building completed in UAE

An architectural masterpiece designed by Zaha Hadid has been completed in Sharjah – a sand dune-shaped building that will house the headquarters of environmental company Beeh’s Group.

The innovative property has an area of ​​9,000 square meters and represents the “greenest” construction project in the region since the energy supply is provided by solar panels connected to Tesla battery packs.

Beeah’s headquarters showcases how technology can be used to build the smart and sustainable cities of the future and operate even in extreme weather conditions. Office glazing has been kept to a minimum to shield the space from sunlight, while fiberglass-reinforced concrete exterior panels help regulate interior temperatures.

On the territory, there are water treatment facilities that filter wastewater. The building is divided into two wings. One houses the public and management departments of the Beeah Group, and the other is the administrative area.

The buildings are connected by an oasis courtyard providing natural ventilation. The highlight of the interior is the 15-meter domed foyer of the property. The headquarters also features a visitor center, an auditorium and intelligent conference rooms.

The intelligent building management system automatically adjusts the lighting and temperature depending on the occupancy of the premises and the time of day. The headquarters fits perfectly into the landscape of the Al Sajjaa desert.

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