Aakriti Singh

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Who is Aakriti Singh ?

Aakriti Singh is a Computer Engineering by profession and currently pursuing Masters in Business Management. She is the Founder of ‘The Inspire Spy’ and  a Fashion and Lifestyle  Blogger who love to post blogs and create content related to fashion and lifestyle for her Instagram feed and website. She believes “each individual is unique in its own way, it just takes a sudden moment to find your uniqueness”. She is also the Founder of  The Iconic Soul. (https://www.theiconicsoul.com)

Aakriti Singh of TheInspireSpy –

TheInspireSpy is portal where you can  become your own boss through the power of internet. It is a tool which can empower you beyond anything on the planet.A part of a movement to free every human from the daily job. A great place for those who is passionate about discovering themselves through writing and a platform for sharing favorite things and knowledge with the world.

It is a website which is curated to provide our readers with latest trends in fashion, lifestyle, technology, food and a lot more. It’s all about bringing a spy in you and helping you to choose the right things.

Here are the Social Links of Aakriti Singh where you can connect with her –

Facebook – www.facebook.com/theinspirespy


Twitter – www.twitter.com/theinspirespy

Instagram – instagram.com/aakriti17_tis/