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The social service system in Israel is based on legislation which provides for workers’ protection and a broad range of national/community services, including caregiving arrangements to assist the elderly; assistance with single parenting tasks like childbearing or financial management when parents are unable (because they’re working) etc.; programs that support children & youth such as afterschool clubs so students can do their homework without being driven home by parental figures who have other obligations outside those hours – all this while trying not only maintain but also expand upon existing preventive measures against addiction related problems stemming from substances like alcoholics Anonymous meetings held every day across town at 2pm.

The National Insurance Institute provides important benefits for permanent residents of Israel, including unemployment insurance and old-age pensions.


(Central Bureau of Statistics 2011)

GDP       $217 billion

($28,500 per capita)

Exports, goods and services        $58.4 billion

Imports, goods and services       $59.2  billion

Israel’s high-tech industry has been a major player in global technology for decades. In fact, it was here that the world’s first commercial laser printer was created as well as many other innovations such like smartphones and computers with software designed by hometown legend Moshe Shaked (a developer who died last year).

Artificial intelligence capable robots helping out at farms across America but also military systems fighting wars overseas ̵

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The Israeli culture is one that reflects the world’s multi-ethnicity while striving for its own identity. It has been influenced by Jews from over 70 countries who have come together in this small space to form their own society, and it shows through various media including arts like literature or theater which are as diverse depending on your taste!

Israel has been home to a diverse array of people from all over the world since its inception. Today, an estimated 75% Jews comprise Israel’s population while Arabs make up about 21%.

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“Israel is truly one-of kind when you consider how many different types or religions live here side by each day.

The Menorah is a symbol of Israel that has been in use since ancient times. The shape and design are based on the sage plant, which branches out like a candelabrum to represent light bulb holders at each end with olive branch leaves between them – this alludes not only peace but also hope for good health!

The Israeli army is a world leader in military innovation, with its ranks filled by some of the most innovative minds on earth. those who don’t opt out must either serve as reserves or take their place among open-duty soldiers while studying towards postgraduate degrees like medicine which will allow them greater opportunities within IDF culture if ever called upon when needed – but only after completing 3 5 year tours!

Israel is a multinational and multi- religious country. The three most practiced faiths in Israel are Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Israel are an inspiration

The people of Israel are an inspiration to the world. They have survived so many obstacles and continue fighting for their survival against all odds, yet they never lose hope in God’s protection despite what other nations may do with them throughout history

today you can visit this sacred ground if ever travel there which I recommend doing at least once while visiting your vacation spot!

Many people may not know there’s even more going on behind-the scenes than what meets our eye: From scientists working hard every day (and night!)in order bring us new technology; photographers capturing moments both big.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one that has been going on for decades. further attacks both armed ones by Palestinian groups like Hamas–a terrorist organization according those within its borders who hope someday soon will be able create another Jewish state less than what already exists under international law currently—and others opposed not just abroad.

The Israeli legal system is an intricate and complicated one. It includes the Supreme Court, which can issue constitutional laws as well make decisions on matters that do not pertain specifically to it’s jurisdiction; District Courts where cases involving 20 shekels or less may be judged without charge (or “personal appearance”), Magistrates courts seen more often than others for traffic violations–and even religious appeals! The list goes ever so slightly beyond these though: there also exist Labor Tribunals alongside Traffic convictions…all determining factors dependant upon what kind of dispute you have going here

one percent lost their lives in battle while others fled across borders into Jordan without permission from King Abdullah II ibn Talal’s government there at that time.


The Palestinians in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem have been living under Israeli occupation since 1967. The settlements that Israel built there are homes to nearly 500 thousand people who live on land legally disputes by many countries as being illegal under international law; however, this doesn’t stopped them from flourishing into what they know today: A beautiful landscape filled with rich soil perfecting fruit orchards Breadfruit trees date plants florist fields olive groves arable land abundance wildlife.

Jerusalem. Israel proclaimed Jerusalem as its capital in 1950. The United States, like nearly all other countries, maintains its embassy in Tel Aviv. In December 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and began the process of relocating the U.S. embassy to the city.

The modern state of Israel is a world leader when it comes to in-vitro fertilization and has more museums per capita than any other country. Tel-Aviv, or Haifa for short which both cities are located on the Israeli coast with beautiful beaches just waiting their turn under your feet while you enjoy some incredible food from street vendors cook right before your eyes – all this within walking distance FROM each other! You won’t want go back home after experiencing what’s here

where researchers are constantly striving towards new developments so crucial today given continued global threat around cybersecurity issues Today, an estimated 75% Jews comprise Israel’s population while Arabs make up about 21%. There are also other minority groups such as Druze and Bedouin turned Israeli citizens who contribute richly in every way