All You Really Need to Know About Pipe Relining Solutions

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Pipes are the most overlooked part of our homes, but there isn’t much you can do to keep a check. As most pipes are underground, repairing or cleaning them seems next to impossible. Additionally, the thought and cost of digging the ground to fix the pipes are overwhelming.

Not anymore because all the pipe relining solutions are there for the rescue.

If you are unsure what it is and how it works, don’t worry. You will find all the necessary information here.

So, buckle up and begin without further delay.

What is Pipe Relining?

The rate of sewerage and drainage construction in Australia is already quite high. Hence, reconstruction is not an option, and this is when methods like all the pipe relining solutions come into the picture.

Pipe relining is a method in which cracked or broken pipes are repaired from the inside, without the need for digging. And the pipe relining agencies use special resin to seal or repair them. 

The term relining is used because the drainage pipes are treated by lining them with resin.

However, it may also entail installing a new, more durable pipe within an existing, damaged one to improve flow and prevent cracks.

The relined section of your pipe system seals perfectly with the rest of your system, preventing leaks and future breaks.

In short, it is a cost-effective and non-disruptive method of removing pipe blockages.

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

Most people are not aware of the process of pipe relining and feel unsure about going forward with the option. However, having an idea of how a pipe relining agency can help can surely help you in making a decision.

So, here is the step-by-step process to solve your doubts:

Inspection through a drain camera

Pipe relining methods don’t require much digging because of the use of a waterproof drain camera. Agency members insert a camera in the drain opening to look for breaks, cracks or blockages, and it also measures the distance of the damage.

Personnel from the pipe relining agency will note all the issues along with the measurement.

Making of the felt liner

Once the measurements are noted, the agency will create a custom felt liner to line the defected pipe from inside using resin.

Installing pipe relining solution

This is the actual step where all the magic happens.

The agency members will soak the felt liner in epoxy resin and insert it along with an uninflated bladder into your pipe. Additionally, they will attach ropes to the ends of the liner to ensure proper placement of the liner and bladder inside the pipe.

The next step involves inspection of proper placement using the drain camera. And if everything seems fine, they will inflate the bladder to seal the resin-soaked liner with the pipe.


The resin is allowed to rest and set for a few hours or as required. And once it sets properly, the members of the pipe relining agency will inspect the pipe again.

So, they will leave only after solving your issue.

Now, your pipe is fine again without any digging and unnecessary mess.

The Bottomline

You cannot escape pipeline issues, and there is seemingly no other solution than pipe relining. This method will help you save money, time, and effort and bring peace of mind. Additionally, as most pipe relining agencies in Australia are well experienced, you can use this method confidently.

And now that you have a complete idea about the pipe relining process make a decision and contact an agency.