Amazing Uses For Old Coffee Beans

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Make your coffee kick in before reality does!

Don’t know how coffee beans can be used for coffee or where else they can be used? Don’t worry, given below are a few ways on how you use old coffee beans, ground and whole so that they don’t go waste!

Whole Bean

1. Experiment with Brewing

If you want to make the best use of whole beans, you must practice over the pour-over brewing experiments with the right brewing equipment and that too without sacrificing the precious beans. Always remember, playing around with the coffee beans in the local coffee roasters is really fun and insightful. 

2. Cover coffee beans in Chocolate

If you see the candy stores, these coffee beans and chocolate are everywhere. Check out the recipes on chocolate-covered beans that can be made easily at home. Maybe you find an idea to use the stale, old leftovers that might be consumable for you. Buy coffee beans at wholesale rates and see how you can use coffee beans in your recipes. 

3. Get Your Artist On

Have you ever come across the coffee bean murals in Russia? This massive piece of art has been constructed out of one million coffee beans that cover 30 square meters. You can always use the whole coffee beans to highlight your creative side. You don’t have to cover the side of a building, but you can always do something else. 

4. Give Candles Class

You might have seen a fair share of candle and coffee combination pictures on Pinterest. Have you tried them for yourselves? If not, you must definitely try it out. The beautiful table pieces with candles, flowers and awesome coffee beans roasters will invite a relaxing mood into your room. And, if you don’t have a date, call your grandma to drink coffee with you in a wonderful environment. 

Ground Bean

1. Kitchen Cleaner

Old ground coffee beans will help you scrub your kitchen. These are the ones that help ladies in removing the difficult stains and spots. All you have to do is begin by throwing water or soapy water on the countertops that will help you clean further. Scrub away all the dirt from your kitchen. 

2. Repel the Ant Colonies

There are pesky ants that won’t leave your kitchen alone unless you spread out old coffee grounds in the problem areas. You can save your garden, save your kitchen and save your sanity with these amazing coffee beans that will help you repel the ant colonies. 

3. Super Charge Compost

You’d be surprised to know that coffee beans have ample amounts of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and nitrogen that will supercharge your soil in the form of compost investment. 

To briefly conclude, that’s how you can make use of the coffee beans in a variety of ways. Have the courage to experiment with these coffee beans. From your garden to your table, coffee beans can lighten up all the places. 

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