Amira Premium Rice – An ode to Tradition

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Amira Premium basmati rice brand in a delightful concoct with superstar gourmet specialist Ripu Daman Handa at Mumbai show.

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Biryani is a definitive pièce de résistance of numerous a blowout. The NYSE recorded Amira Specialty Food Company has been in operations more than 100 years. It produces greater part of its income from its premium long-grain basmati rice – without a doubt a confirmation of the unmistakable quality of basmati rice settled in the mind of conventional shoppers and expert cooks alike, while get ready Biryani and other rice dishes. This moderate matured adult rice is developed at the base of the Himalayas in select parts of India and Pakistan. Amira basmati rice is extremely fragrant and has a nutty flavor, the two crucial components of since a long time ago grained rice said in old writings too. AMIRA offers a broad arrangement of brands that have been deliberately created to speak to neighborhood markets far and wide. Client tastes and desires have been finely divided to convey valid flavor that run well with an assortment of famous foods.

To showcase this modernity of Amira additional long grain basmati rice, it partook in the nourishment business’ greatest global presentation and meeting, “Annapoorna– World of Food India Mumbai” held in Mumbai at the Bombay Exhibition Center from September 22-24, 2016. Amira likewise welcomed big name culinary specialist Ripu Daman Handa for a cooking session where they found the flavors and tastes of various rice sorts of rice. Cook Ripu made a straightforward yet delightful dish, which was Rice with Brinjal turn for the gathering of people. Additionally Veg Biryani, Peas pulao and one of the mark dish of Amira the Canapes Indiano was served, which manufactured a sustenance associate with the general population. Amira additionally gave a wet specimen of its Biryani on September 22 and 24. Visitors were excited to be a piece of this one of a kind affair and it promoted their enthusiasm for gastronomy.
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Amira brand orders its value under the authority of fourth era establishing group of Chanana’s. Director Mr. Karan A Chanana has patched up it into a contemporary worldwide brand and won a few prestigious honors in transit. Mr. Chanana credits this to having a “foodconnect” and an “enthusiasm for immaculateness” in the brand’s association with customers, ranchers and groups.
Right away, Amira’s rice image is available in 5 mainlands over the globe and is anticipated to have an impression in more nations by 2017.
amira shefamira rice makingAmira Premium Rice - An ode to Tradition