Answers to frequently asked questions about mailer boxes


Mailer boxes – what are they?

As the name suggests, a mailer box is basically an envelope for storing and shipping items. The flaps and wings interlock for a simple assembly and there is no need to apply adhesive tape. Compared to other types of paperboard packaging, it has two sides and is more durable and resistant to transport. Therefore, it can be reused several times.

Does my product fit any of the variants of Mailer Boxes?

Cardboard is the material we use for our mailer boxes. Your choice mostly depends on how you want your packaging to look. The following tips will help:

Packaging made from eco boxes is the rawest available on the market today. We suggest including only small graphics in place of the black imprint, which includes a black imprint. Mailer boxes made from recycled materials are perfect for companies that emphasize eco-friendliness. In addition to being the cheapest box, Eco Mailer Boxes are the ideal solution for a small business just starting out.

Eco White can be obtained with whitened cardboard, a variation of Eco White. A black imprint will stand out more using Eco White, and the white imprint will look more elegant. We work with brands with a very bold style of communication, which ranges from very artsy to very minimalist.

The whole CMYK palette is combined with raw cardboard in Eco Color. White is used as the underside of color images. Eco Color produces an interesting finish for the packaging even though its imprint isn’t as saturated as other options. We offer a full-color solution as a premium service. A heavier wall and a white layer are used for this type of Mailer Box. A Full Color Mailer Box has an interior that is white and comes in a glossy or a matte finish. They’re ideal for brands that want to stand out.

Mailer boxes can fit what kinds of products?

There are different sizes of mailboxes. So as you can see, mailer boxes custom can be used to ship a variety of goods. The products they accommodate are listed below along with their standard dimensions. A Mailer Box can come in a variety of sizes. The smallest ones are F23 and F33. Jewelry and accessories like wallets or candies packed in these sizes would be perfect for these sizes.

Medium size mailer boxes:

There are two medium-size boxes in the F44 and F45 series. E-commerce owners of small gadgets, cosmetics stores, etc. can find them very useful.

Boxes for flat items:

Sending DVDs, books, and other flat items can be a good use for the F52 and F56 options. Their unique size gives these items an opportunity to stand out.

There are three options for shipping clothing: F62, F71, and F79. When creating lingerie sets and other small pieces like socks, scarfs, ties, F62 is an exceptional choice. When creating shirts, pants, trousers, jackets, coats, and jerseys, etc., F71 and F79 are also outstanding choices.

Larger mailer size boxes:

It is noteworthy that two of our largest Mailer Boxes F93 and F112 make excellent subscription boxes

In order to qualify for no print boxes, what is the lowest number that must be ordered per order?

There is a minimum order for domestic orders, but a minimum of 100 boxes is necessary for international orders

 For no print boxes, what mailer sizes are available?

You can choose between standard sizes of Mailer Boxes and Shipping Boxes without an imprint. The following sizes are currently available in stock: 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, C1S, & C2S.

What are the options for natural cardboard Eco Color boxes?

Sadly, no. Only white cardboard is used for Eco Color boxes. However, there is an option to customize different boxes.

Which is better: Full-Color Mailer boxes or Eco Color mailer boxes?

Eco Color boxes use UV printing, whereas conventional boxes use conventional printing. The imprint is directly applied to the white cardboard of the Eco Color mailer boxes. An additional layer of cardboard may be used in a Full-Color Mailer box and this is printed on before being coated over the cardboard walls. Due to the use of these techniques, Full-Color boxes offer thicker walls and can contain more colors than Eco Color boxes.

Eco Color uses an imprinting technique that could cause the cardboard to absorb the paint subtly. There may be a slight decrease in color saturation than in the Full-Color version as a result. There is also an additional option, the Full-Color option, which has both matte and glossy foils as well as the option to have a white inside instead of natural. The Eco Color version of mailer boxes is not available with these additional options.

How do you make mailer boxes? What paperboard do you use?

Whenever possible, we use three layers of corrugated cardboard for mailer boxes, either natural or one-sided bleached.

As mentioned earlier, there are nine standard sizes: F23, F33, F44, F45, F52, F59, F62, F71, F79, and F93, while nonstandard sizes smaller than F93 are made from cardboard with an E flute. The F112 cardboard is fluted at 3 mm and has a thickness of 450 g/m2 with a 3 mm B flute measurement. Boxes can also be made with wave E or B on request if the dimensions are not standard. A layer of underlay is also added to the Full-Color Boxes for printing. GD2 cardboard weighing 210 grams per square meter is used in this process. In the Full-Color variant, we offer an additional layer of foil that is matte, silk, luster, UV, pouch, or glossy.

 What kind of paperboard is used to make your mailer boxes?

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is used for mailings and shipping boxes; it has three or five layers.

Chromo card paper

Chromo card paper is used for classic product boxes, and Arktika paper is used for two-piece boxes.

In what dimensions and sizes are mailer boxes available?

Twelve standard sizes are available for our mailer boxes. This page with mailer boxes includes a chart with dimensions, weight, cardboard grammage, and paperboard grammage for each size. The sizes and dimensions can be customized according to your needs and requirements.

How do you describe the color of the box?

  • The interiors of all cardboard vehicles are brown by default.
  • As an option, we can also offer you a white interior with Full-Color boxes.
  • Alternatively, a customization option is always available

Boxes for products:

It depends on the base texture you choose how the interior of the product boxes looks. The two options we offer are natural and white. If you would like, you may also order a CMYK full-color interior with the pattern of your choice. You can choose a solid color for your packaging, as well, if you are using the box editor. Choosing a die line option will allow you to do something more sophisticated than something with a uniform color scheme

Do you have boxes in different sizes?

In addition to our standard selection of boxes, we offer a variety of options in different sizes. You may contact us if you need packaging with other dimensions than those provided on the website.

There is a minimum order of 100 pieces when you order a custom-sized mailer box. Typically, an order is delivered at your doorsteps within 7 to 15 business days. We offer a getting sturdy variety of product boxes in different sizes. Please contact us for a quote on your custom order

What finishing options do you have?

There are many options for coatings, such as gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV, pouch lamination, soft-touch lamination, luster, and silk coating.

What are the add-on choices?

There are three choices for add-ons: Die-cut window, gold foiling, and silver foiling.

What environmental impact do your products have?

The products we sell are all recyclable and reusable. They are not only friendly to the environment but also affordable.

What is the best way to order custom mailer boxes online?

  • All you need to do is visit to purchase custom mailer boxes online.
  • Decide how big a box you require and how many you need (size & quantity)
  • You can order personalized mailer boxes online after choosing a design
  • According to the details of your order, we will give you a quote by phone or by email
  • You should review the quote and approve it if any changes should be made
  • You can wait for us to design your custom mailer boxes
  • Once the custom mailer boxes have been designed, they will be printed and shipped to you.