Are Motorized Skateboards Waterproof?

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Electric skateboards have exploded in popularity over the last decade, and that doesn’t seem to change anytime soon. Moving from point A to point B is easy and efficient, but very fun. But do they work in all situations? Can I ride on a rainy day or through a sidewalk pond?

Let’s dive into chic and investigate. Is this electric skateboard waterproof?

Is it waterproof?

Easy Answer: It depends on the board. There are not many waterproof or water-resistant electric skateboards on the market, but there are some.

When looking for a perfect fit, it’s important to know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant. Most boards that have some protection from water are water-resistant, not water-resistant. This simply means that it is difficult for water to get in.

Climb one of these boards on a wet surface and you’re good to go. However, if you are skating in a pond or the board is submerged, you will have problems with your electronics. Electricity-Everything water and water are by no means a good combination. This is one of the main drawbacks of manual and electric motorized longboards.

Slippery road surface

We also do not recommend riding an electric skateboard on wet roads or smooth wet terrain. It’s very slippery and the grip of skateboard tires isn’t the best, especially at high speeds or in shifts. You can probably imagine that acceleration and braking are issues. Always wear a helmet if you need to ride a bicycle in the rain or on a wet sidewalk. take care!

Which board is water-resistant?

Yes! There are several water-resistant options. You rarely find a fully waterproof electric skateboard, but some of these can handle getting a little wet.

  1. MaxFind Max2

The Maxfind Max 2 electrical system and battery are mounted on the diamond board, and the motor is mounted on the rear wheels. Everything important is completely sealed so that water does not easily touch the electronics and ruin the board.

  1. Onboard M1

The IP54 rating on the M1 board means that it can be sprayed with water and is undamaged. No problem if you want to drive on damp roads or sidewalks. The M1’s motor is stuck on the wheels, so it’s less likely to get water, but still keep safety in mind. If you are not careful, the board will tend to slip or slip.

  1. Enertion Raptor 2.1

Raptor 2.1 houses the battery and all electronics in a plastic case at the bottom of the board. It also uses two different water-resistant motors on the back of the deck. For ultimate protection, the board deck is made of a strong, water-absorbent alloy.

IP rating for waterproof and water-resistant electric skateboard

The IP rating or Ingres protection code allows the product to withstand dust and liquids. Basically, the IP rating works as follows:

The first number determines that the electric skateboard can withstand dust on a scale of 0-6. 0 is the lowest rating and 6 is the highest dustproof rating.

The second number evaluates how well an electric skateboard can withstand liquids on a 0-6 scale. The same is true here, but the lowest rating is 0 and the most water-resistant is 6.

This rating system is simple, but unfortunately, many electric skateboard manufacturers do not use it. When buying a new board, it can be a little frustrating.

By the way, there is no actual IP68 rated electric skateboard. This means that no board can withstand long-term drowning.

Waterproof or water-resistant electric skateboard

As I said, there really isn’t a 100% waterproof electric skateboard. However, there are some electric skateboards with different levels of water resistance.

This means they can climb through slightly wet surfaces or shallow ponds in light rain, but this is a risk and is not highly recommended.

IP65 rated electric skateboards, on the other hand, are water impervious, component compartments are designed to withstand all moisture, and exposed parts such as trucks, decks, and wheels are designed to repel water and rust. Guaranteed not to be. , Or grab.

This means they are probably suitable for climbing small ponds, but riding heavy rains and beaches is not their strength.

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