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Authindia is an online enterprise based out of Lucknow & comprises of young and spirited people working religiously to explore the remarkable Art and Crafts that lay in various regions of India.

It strive to explore the authentic handmade products cutting across the length and breadth of India and fishing out the most splendid and exquisite handicrafts to the reach of your houses.


Eventually it is only the traditional skill and innovative craftsmanship of the ethnic masses reflected in their craft which can only lead to the reputation that they aspire to build with thecustomers.

  1. Regardless of what place you hail from, once you are associated with AuthIndia you will find a fusion of all distinguished handmade items from almost every province exhibiting their individual grace.
  2. You can cast an aesthetic spell on your peers  wearing Beautiful Chikan Embroidery Kutras from the City of Nawabs or you can struck everyone with awe wrapping yourself in suave Kalamkari or Handloom Chanderi sarees.
  3. We can give you the means to express your indigenous being when you cut a swath through your social gatherings wearing the elegant Terracotta Jewellery or Traditional Meenakari Necklace Set.
  4. The most attractive thing about handmade artifacts is that with every piece it brings something new on the table and gives your home not just simple in fashion decor but it takes it up a notch giving it the vibrancy and warmth it needs.
  5. In today’s day and age it isn’t difficult to get ideas off the internet and create artifacts to your liking right at home.
  6. This gives you the freedom to be able to create object that would suit the home decor and your taste.
  7. All in all such decorative items  crafts bring out the life and make the house warm for guest as well as the people living in the house.



have a huge collection of handmade crafts for Home Decoration which can help you design your interior and give it a new look to impress others.
Rest assured with the authenticity of our products for this is the virtue which we esteem the most and become the part of this online venture as we thrive on your companionship.
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Founders: Kush Verma, Raj Kamal, Saurav Vashista & Prashant Sharma







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